Lineage 2M can be described as a mobile MMORPG

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The open beta for the game begins on October 6, which means we'll have the chance to test it out if we register before the deadline. As of Lineage 2M Diamonds now, no minimum requirements, required Android version, or price are known . However, Lineage2M will be a solid contender for the mobile game of the year, and we'll keep an watch on the game.

Lineage 2M can be described as a mobile MMORPG which initially appears to offer the same content as its peers in the shop. In this article we'll try to understand the game so that we can draw our own conclusions. This is because players have already been able to divide into two camps. Which is the right one? Let's look.

Which one should you pick?

At the beginning the players are thinking: "What class and race should I pick?" The answer is easy - seers (Oracle) is an Elf or Dark Elf. Seers deal damage, but is also able to heal himself and allies. If you choose to use red or blue skills - colours in Lineage 2M refer to the rarity and coolness the item - then you can use buffs to all of your teammates. You are not just able to play PvE games the solo mode, but you will also be an enthused guest in any guild.

Tanks shouldn't be obfuscated as well, since they possess excellent control, "camp" and a bit of a rage. Of course, it'll be challenging during pumping since all arrows, magick and warlocks are going to destroy the mob before you even have the chance to get there. All classes of Lineage 2M are good if you expand them properly.

There isn't a lot of agriculture.

The game starts by ensuring that we get to see a fun introductory video. We learn that we are the one chosen, and who's job is to harvest mobs and assist NPCs. After 10 minutes of gameplay , Lineage 2M begins to grind. Up to about level 26, the player is primarily engaged in the construction of armor and the acquisition of new skills. Some players have referred to this game "Tamagotchi game mode". In addition to Lineage 2 Mobile Diamonds the auto-combat feature, you can switch on the energy-saving mode, with only a few details displayed on the screen.