Coal Mining: Timeless Black Gems

Kalyani Aditya Mineral is one of the top coal companies in India. We are a coal supplier to various countries like Russia, Indonesia, Australia, and USA Steam Coal.


Coal is an abundant sedimentary rock and fossil fuel used primarily as an energy source for electricity and other industrial uses such as smelting and alloy production. Coal is seldom confused with charcoal, which is primarily of wooden origin. Coal was previously used as mere household heating commodities but when the industrial revolution began, coal mining started to became large-scale. It then became an important commodity to produce electricity as well as to provide primary energy for industries as well as transportation during the 18th century to the 1950s.

Coal mining can be a very dangerous activity most especially when it involves mining underground. Gases produced can be very toxic or highly flammable, capable of explosions which can instantly kill a team of miners. Fortunately, technology has enabled companies the capacity to effectively protect their workers from the hazards of coal mining. But not only that, they can also do the same or even higher output even with significantly less number or workers.

Coal mining can involve mining underground by shaft mining or, for a more accessible and easier way, open pit mining the rock strata coal beds or coal seams. However, there are several other ways in coal mining.

Coals near the surface can be extracted by using open cut mining methods. Explosives are first used to break through the surface of the mining area and after which it is removed by draglines or by shovel and a truck. With the coal seam exposed, drills are utilized to fracture and thoroughly mine it in strips. Area mining involves drilling holes against the surface of the mining area and then planting the drill holes with explosives. When the surface is exposed, there will be a coal seam exposed. This can be extracted, mined and transported with trucks immediately. If it is still hard enough, this can also be drilled and blasted with explosives. The coal can then be collected until there is none left in the strip - then the process can be repeated to create a new mining strip. This coal mining method is most ideal for flat terrain.

One particular coal mining method is controversial. This is the mountaintop removal mining - and just as its name says, it's literally removing the mountain top, making the ridges and hill tops look like flattened plateaus. It is controversial because it drastically alters the topography as well as disturbing the ecosystem. Valleys will be filled the extracted prize and streams will be covered. The objective to coal mining was to extract these valuable energy sources, but is it really worth the damaging the environment or even risk worse consequences?

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