The first chaos in history

Hua Mulan said anxiously, "My brother took the baby elephant up the mountain to hunt.


Hua Mulan said anxiously, "My brother took the baby elephant up the mountain to hunt. Why didn't you say so earlier? Why don't I lead the troops to save you now?" “…… Forget it, the day Lily will be cold when you come. I sat down on the ground and spread out my hands and said to Cao Cao, "You can kill me. I know I can't tell you clearly." Cao Cao stared at my phone for a long time. "Who on earth are you?" He asked. Although I didn't talk to Cao Xiaoxiang. But there was an answer in the small box. He heard it. "I don't object if you treat me as an immortal," I said feebly, "but of course the immortal won't let you kill him. I know this is a paradox. In short, we are born from the same root. Why is it too urgent to fry each other? You can do it as you see fit. "If I go with you, can you guarantee that I will see my son?" Cao Cao asked decisively. I scrambled to my feet. "That's why I'm here." Cao Cao looked straight into my eyes, eyes burning, as if in a fierce psychological struggle, and finally he clapped his hand on my shoulder: "I go with you!" " I knew that the fish had been hooked, and now it was time to walk him around a few times to relieve his hatred. I deliberately said, "Think about it. If I lie to you, you will not only lose your life, but also lose your world. If you win this fight against Soochow, you will have most of the country." I have to stimulate him to see how heavy the baby elephant is in his heart. I am not psychologically balanced to send such a good son back. "How shall we go?" Cao Cao asked. Then he said, "If you can fly through the clouds,liquid bottle filling machine, I can trust you completely." Damn old man. Hey! "Cut the crap," I said angrily. "Let's take a taxi." I'm sure I can't take the car, otherwise I have to cross the river back to Xiakou. I'm afraid Lao Cao's bottom line will collapse. Besides, can our Third Master Zhang miss such a good chance to kill Cao? I contacted Liu Laoliu and asked him to open a temporary military road, and we set out from Wulin. When I entered Bingdao, I said worriedly, "If there is no car,juice filling machine, it will be broken." Chibi will open in three days. This is a new road. We don't know how long it will take. I was looking left and right when suddenly a carriage came running from the intersection. I waved hurriedly, "Carbon!" "Is that you, General Xiao?" Cried the driver in surprise as he approached. As soon as I saw that this man really knew Xiang Yu's black tiger, I pushed Cao Cao into the car and said, "Did you run for a taxi, too?" When the Black Tiger first saw the old friend, he said happily, "Yes, many of our brothers used to do this. Liu Bang even exempted us from part of the tax." Then he pushed down the "empty car" sign on the horse's head and asked, "Where are you going?" "How much is it to go to General Mulan in the Northern Wei Dynasty?" Black Tiger is displeased: "See what you say, do you think I can accept your money?"? It's the first time I've come to this road, so I'll practice it. I took out the Yucai coin and pushed it with the black tiger for a long time, CSD filling line ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, and finally forced it into his pocket. Cao Cao watched us chatting for a long time and said to me gloomily, "Forgive me for speaking frankly. This is really not like a place where immortals stay." Volume III The First Chaos in History Chapter 198 Cao Cao Mobile E-book · Feiku Net Update Time: 2009-3-12 23:14:05 Words in this chapter: 4717 Now that I was on the "pirate ship", I no longer avoided anything. I asked Cao Cao, "Prime Minister, what do you think of the Battle of Chibi?" "Red Cliff?" Cao Cao said doubtfully. I just remembered that the so-called battle of Chibi is the name of later generations after the incident, Cao Cao now does not know that he will fall in Chibi that place. I said, "It is you who pacified Soochow this time." Cao Cao had a well-thought-out plan and said with a smile, "As you can see, compared with Sun Quan and Liu Bei, they are mantis arms as chariots." "Didn't you ever think you would lose?" I asked carefully. Cao Cao waved his hand without a care. "How could that be?" I scratched my head and said, "There is a poem about the First World War. I will read it to you: The great river goes east, and the waves wash away.". A romantic figure through the ages. So the west side of the base.. Cao Cao shook his head as he listened and said, "Well, it's the first time I've heard this format. It's very good.". ” By the time I got to the "Three Kingdoms Zhou Lang Chibi," Cao Cao's face changed. When I finished saying, "The scull will go out." Cao Cao was not very comfortable, but he returned to normal in a flash. He said with a smile, "I always thought you were a military general, but I didn't think you knew how to recite poems and compose Fu." "I understand a little," I said demurely. "Does the last part of the poem mean that I was defeated by Zhou Yu?" Asked Cao Cao. I said, "This poem was written by a later generation. Its full name is Nostalgia at the Red Cliff." Cao Cao said disapprovingly, "The sentence is very beautiful, but most of the time it is the pretence of the villager Zhuge to shake the heart of our army." "Prime Minister," I said in all earnestness, "I've been gambling for a long time without winning.. Er, victory or defeat is a common thing for military strategists. It's not good to be overconfident. The overlord of Western Chu is brave in ancient and modern times, and it's still unavoidable to be defeated.. The black tiger glanced back at me. "That depends," said Cao Cao. "With the power of the Son of Heaven, I have a navy in Jingzhou. The westerly wind is also prevailing. It can be said that it is the right time, the right place and the right people. How can it be lost to a group of wild frontier pawns? I saw that he seemed to disdain arguing with me, so I said no more. The people of the Three Kingdoms were sharp-tongued. Let Cao Xiaoxiang educate his father with Marxism-Leninism. Not long after arriving at the Northern Wei Dynasty, the inspection at the exit was almost rejected because Cao Cao did not have a visa and was suspected of having a tendency to emigrate. Fortunately, there was an officer who had followed Hua Mulan to fight against the Huns and knew me. At Hua Mulan's home, Marshal He was also there. They were talking in the courtyard. We said goodbye to Black Tiger. I led Cao Cao inside. Hua Mulan said with a smile, "Oh, it's true that Cao Cao is here." "What am I doing?" Cao Cao wondered. I laughed and said, "You have been named the fastest runner in the world.". = Cao Cao looked around and asked me cautiously, "rush him..." Hua Mulan raised her hand. "Coming!" We looked back together and saw Cao Xiaoxiang riding on a small red horse beside a strong young man. Counting the prey they hit, he inadvertently swept into the yard, suddenly stunned,Vegetable oil filling machine, Cao Cao is speechless at the moment, father and son two people silently relative, like a point of the same frozen in the local.