Nine-Life Cat Demon Manipulator

Immediately after that, the fire phoenix said confidently:


Immediately after that, the fire phoenix said confidently: "The eggs of the newborn fire phoenix or the red phoenix must be placed on this kind of stone to hatch.". That's why we collect this kind of stone everywhere. Grape can not help but sigh, no wonder, in the world, the stone is surprisingly small, the original is taken by the couple to pad the nest ah. Ah! "The Phoenix gave a sudden cry and collapsed on the ground." What happened to you Grape squatted beside the Phoenix in a panic. The floating cloud crouched on the other side and asked, "Does it matter?" "I-I have a stomachache." The Phoenix was too painful to say a complete sentence. Is it going to be born?! The floating cloud looked at the grape and asked. Grape is dull, there is only one thought in the heart, the bird can be premature?! Chapter 21strange taste chef. Apple pie is easy to make. Wash the apple, cut it into pieces, beat it into puree, separate the juice from the puree, mix it with the juice, and knead it into a smooth dough. Then, add honey or sugar to the puree and mix well to make stuffing, wrap it into a small cake and fry it. But pay attention to the time and strength of kneading, only the right time and the right strength, will make the crust very strong, a little glutinous feeling. The tree spider is not difficult to find, more accurately, the grape stepped on the tree spider. It turned out that the tree spider was hidden under the shadow of the maple tree,silk ficus tree, ready to attack the players in the past. Grape looked at the dying tree spider and mended his feet. Grape lost an identification. Tree spiders Characteristics: Likes dark and dark Attacks: Bites, toxins, netting Next to the dead tree spider, the grape revealed an egg the size of a pigeon's egg with red spots. As soon as I got it, the egg began to crack, and then a wet little tree spider appeared. Its whole body is dark red, and its eight legs are covered with short black hair. Before the grapes could react, the little tree spider spurted out a green liquid,silk olive tree, and then the blood volume of the grapes began to drop. Ding. You receive Tree Spider Poison Spray, reducing health by 30 per second and healing by 75% for 30 seconds. Grape cursed under his breath. He hurriedly threw the spider away from the tree in his hand. Walk quickly to a place where there is no shade. He took out several bottles of red medicine. He began to gulp. I barely made it through 30 seconds. Blood volume also returned to its usual state. Grape finally breathed a sigh of relief. The grape tree has lost a collection skill to the spider corpse. Ding. Congratulations on your tree spider legs. Proficiency point + 1 "Ding.". Congratulations on getting the tree spider venom. Proficiency point + 1 Tree spider venom? That's good stuff. Grape looked at the shadow under the maple tree. Heart Road. What to do? The tree spider's venom is so powerful. It's better not to get close to it easily. If only they could come out on their own. Think of here. Grape's eyes lit up. He took out a green cane with dark red in it. Laughed maliciously. After a while, three or four tree spiders under a maple tree, chased by angry vines, fled everywhere. Bondage! The grape manipulates the common cane and binds the tree spider firmly until the tree spider does not move. Then, the grapes collect the tree spiders one by one. Soon, the ingredients for the spider roast were ready, and Grape opened the tattered cookbook. Grape looked at the contents of the recipe, began to be very surprised, then, can not help but frown more and more tight. This cookbook is full of strange foods, such as spider cake, blood sausage, spore snacks and so on. Grape simply turned to the page of spider barbecue. It says, Ingredients: 7 tree spider legs, faux ficus tree ,outdoor ficus tree, some seasoning. Grape is very confused about the number of seasonings written above, the number of seasonings, neither specify what seasoning, nor specify the amount of seasoning. There is no way, in short, try it. Grape picked up some dead branches, lit a fire, spider legs on the fire evenly roasted, from time to time, sprinkled with some seasoning. Ding, congratulations on making spicy roasted spider legs, skillful point + 1. Eh? How come only the proficiency points are increased, but the skills of senior chefs are not upgraded?! Grape looked at the roasted golden crisp spider legs, tore a piece of meat from the top, and slowly put it into his mouth. "Ding, you ate spicy roasted spider legs, blood volume-100" Grape immediately spit out the food in his mouth. It seems that this spider meat is really poisonous, the fire Phoenix certainly does not want poisonous spider barbecue, no wonder she promised so happily at that time. Immediately, grapes tried to use different seasonings, and one after another made fragrant and tender spider legs, burnt spider legs, smoked spider legs and other different flavors of barbecue, they have one thing in common, that is, poisonous.. Grapes extinguish the fire, quietly thinking, all things are mutually reinforcing and restraining, tree spiders are poisons, then there must be detoxification nearby. Most of the trees here are maple trees. So the grapes collected some maple leaves, crushed them finely, and sprinkled them evenly on the spider's legs. The meat of the spider's legs was sizzling oil on the fire, giving off the fragrance of meat. As soon as I smelled it, it seemed to be mixed with a strange and fresh smell. Ding, congratulations on the completion of the spider barbecue, skilled point + 1. "Ding, congratulations on upgrading your cooking skills to the master level, especially for the'strange taste chef ', experience + 20132, reputation + 500, do you want to hide your name?" "Yes" "Ding, because you are the first player who has reached the master level in life skills, you will be rewarded with a shop in the Imperial City.". You can go to the Imperial City Real Estate Office to get it. System announcement: Some player's chef skill has reached the master level, specially gives the title'strange taste chef '. Weird chef? Curiously, the grape tore off a piece of spider leg meat and put it in its mouth. The spider barbecue was sweet and sour, and the meat was fresh and tender, as if it had melted in its mouth. Ding. You eat the spider roast and increase the anti-poison by 100 "in 20 minutes." …… Grape quickly made the 20 pieces of apple pie and 20 pieces of spider barbecue that the fire Phoenix wanted. Grape put these things into the package,outdoor palm trees, stood up, looked up to the top of the mountain, all maple trees.