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Relatives are all at home, so we can only correct the wrong words tomorrow.

Relatives are all at home, so we can only correct the wrong words tomorrow. O(∩_∩)O~ ※ Chapter 23 sister Updated January 18, 2013 20:43:55 Words: 3387 The little ants lined up neatly and methodically dragged their food into the cave. Zhao Zhangru waved to Dou Zhao excitedly: "Hurry up, hurry up!" He lowered his head and crushed the white flour steamed bread in his hand and threw it on the ground. The ants immediately gathered around and worked together to move the debris under the old locust tree. Dou Zhao walked slowly past, squatting beside Zhao Yiru, looking at her charming little face, there was a moment of trance. She thought of her daughter, Sister Yin. After the miscarriage of her first child, both her mother-in-law and Wei Tingyu were quite critical of herself. Wei Tingzhen said rudely, "Your Dou family has been an official for generations. Why doesn't anyone know the rules?" She wanted to send a mother who knew how to give birth to a child from Jingguo Gongfu to serve her in the month of confinement. Then she would lose face and go to Jingguo Gongfu! Dou Zhao could only knock out his teeth and swallow blood, and said to Wei Tingzhen with a smile that he was not careful, but his eyes looked straight at Wei Tingyu, expecting him to help her stop Wei Tingzhen. Who knows Wei Tingyu that heartless unexpectedly repeatedly nods, extremely agrees the tunnel: "elder sister this is also for your own good!" " She was too angry to say a word. At that time, she was a newlywed, and she knew that she had done something wrong this time, so she was angry for two days. In order to make up for her mother-in-law's regret, she soon became pregnant again,Planetary Gear Motor, and gave birth to her eldest son Wei Ge'er in January of the following year. Thirteen months later, she gave birth to her second son Rui Ge'er. When Rui Ge'er was three months old, she had another miscarriage. From then on, the body was damaged, and when he saw Wei Tingyu, he was afraid, so he carried Hu to his aunt. Later,Micro Gear Motor, she gained a firm foothold in the Wei family, and the two sons and her were separated by a layer of yarn, and they could not be intimate. She had a kind of unspeakable loneliness, so she took the risk of giving birth to Sister Yin. Perhaps with a son's lesson, after Yin Jie was born, she personally nurtured and raised her, so the child was particularly close to her. She would shout "mother" when she didn't see her for a while, which made Dou Zhao's heart crisp. When she saw something delicious, interesting and beautiful, she was thinking about getting one for Yin Jie. Without her own shelter, she did not know how her daughter was? As soon as the thought flashed, the eyes became sour. Then Dou Zhao was stunned again. She is now back to the past, where there is any brother, Gear Reduction Motor ,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, brother and sister! My heart suddenly seemed to be hollowed out by something. She raised her head and saw through the half-closed window lattice that her uncle and the third uncle were arguing endlessly, looking very fierce. The Dou family is powerful. What's the use of my uncle even if he wins? At the beginning, Song Mo killed his father and brother, and the civil and military officials of the Manchu Dynasty impeached him, but with the protection of the emperor, he was not hurt! Song Mo also has a cousin, two uncles, according to the law can inherit the dukedom of England, but Song Mo a paper memorial, let the emperor seize the title of Duke of England. Song Mo's uncle and uncle were so angry that they threatened to kill Song Mo, but they didn't even dare to fart when they saw Song Mo face to face. It's good for my uncle to go to the northwest for a job. The south is rich, staring at many people there, and those who can go have backgrounds, so the officialdom is complicated, and they will fall down if they are not careful. Although the northwest is barren, it is a good thing that the folkway is simple and the people are relatively simple. Dou Zhao thought of this and sighed softly. ※※※※※ Two days later, my uncle and aunt took three cousins back to Anxiang, and did not associate with the Dou family except to offer incense to their mother on the seventh day. The mother's coffin was sent to the ancestral grave for burial when the ritual was performed on May 7th. Her memorial tablet will be enshrined in the Xidou Small Buddha Hall for three years, and then placed in the ancestral hall of the North Building of the Dou family. It was calm outside, and I didn't hear anything about my mother. Instead, my uncle sold his land to collect money and went to Kyoto to beg for it. Even Dou Zhao heard about it. She gave a wry smile. It's not good to live close, but you can know if there is a sign of trouble. No wonder my uncle missed in the last life! The Dou family sent two thousand taels of silver, and my uncle returned it without a penny. The third uncle was a little worried: "Ruifu is hating our family.". This is the end of the friendship between generations. "The tone is rather sad.". Grandfather does not think so: "The general trend of the world, together for a long time will be divided, divided for a long time will be United, there is no need to sigh." But the third uncle still wanted to make up for it and sent someone to buy the 100 mu mountain forest of his aunt's dowry at a price two taels higher than the market price, but his aunt refused. In private, Dou Zhao and Tuo Niang sighed with emotion, "My uncle and aunt are too honest. If I were you, the fields would be sold and the people would hate me." Tuo Niang was making socks for Dou Zhao under the lamp. Hearing this, she opened her eyes wide and said, "Isn't that a rascal?" Dou Zhao was stunned and then laughed: "I can see that I am still a Dou family in my bones!" Tuo Niang doesn't understand. Dou Zhao did not explain to her either, but asked her, "What is Aunt Wang doing these days?" She used the person left by her mother through Tuo Niang, which was very convenient. The same as before. Tuo Niang said, "I shut myself up in the house every day and rested early. I ate and drank everything before the servant girl named Qiongfang tasted it." Dou Zhao said, "Oh.". Hemerocallis ran in and said, "Sister Jasmine, Sister Jasmine, something happened in Qixia Courtyard." Dou Zhao was still a little baby, and the maids never avoided her when they spoke. Tuo Niang didn't care too much. "What happened?" She said perfunctorily. "I don't know who put a piece of musk in the flower basket in Aunt Wang's inner room. If Mammy Hu beside Aunt Wang hadn't found it early, something big would have happened." Tuo Niang looked at Dou Zhao. Dou Zhao is listening interestingly with his big eyes open. "What's the big deal?" Asked Tuo Niang? I've heard that musk is the best spice. "Mammy Hu said that musk can make people slip." Hemerocallis whispered,24v Gear Motor, "Aunt Wang won't let anyone say anything, but we all heard Mammy Hu's loud voice." "Oh!" Tuo Niang had few words, and at this time she would not say anything.