RuneScape - What should I do to train in F2P?

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You claim that for OSRS gold each person who joins sals lol. Good work. BGS is always a good weapon to use because of the greater strength bonus, however it shouldn't be used for training purposes. Keep it in the inventory for slayers to use for random smacks or KO, but nothing else.

You decide what you'd like to do with an investment of 5 million on a "fun" weapon or whether you could find better uses for it. I try to be kind so that people who want to ask one question are able to decide to stay. I can still recall when I joined Yoyoma that I said the same thing. It made me laugh really nicely. and ty. I would like to be ranked at some point as I will never quit Sals.

Op: BGS is an enjoyable weapon. It's always fun to kill cows with it. I would say goblins are superior. Perhaps you should try Pking. But if you die... Don't tell me anything.

What should I do to train in F2P? Scaper gave me a really great list of exercises, however I did not follow it. In the meantime, I managed to get my str to 8 after cows. I've trained my def for 11 with the mage defence casting. I also increased my att to 20 with my quest vampyre Slaye. (gives you 20 att). After that, I attended barbaians and trained my str to 20, then defence. It went pretty fast. I also got my range up to 7 using an sling and a bit of training arrows... at cows.

For mage I used both xp lamps and then finished imp catcher to get 13 mage. I camped from the lower to 33 mage, using my set of Ahrims. This is a great idea. (black clothes look like the ahrims) The next goal is to reach 40/40/40 with melee and buy old school rs gold also 50 mage/range. Would you guys mind telling me where I can train. Given the stats above, I will do D-Slayer.