Broken Sword Cold Rhinoceros

It turned out that Chungu was not as unsolvable as Jing Huaiyuan's own conjecture, but this solution really made Jing Huaiyuan feel strange.


It turned out that Chungu was not as unsolvable as Jing Huaiyuan's own conjecture, but this solution really made Jing Huaiyuan feel strange. The way to get rid of this kind of poison is that the person who gets rid of it must also have the ability to release it, and it is stronger than releasing it. Otherwise, not only can he not get rid of it, but he will die suddenly. How do you say that? It turns out that the evil of spring bewitching is a kind of invisible latent poison. The one who solves it must be the Anti-Sex of the one in it. That is to say, the male bewitching must be solved by the female, and the female poisoning must be solved by the male. Why? Without others, Yin and Yang are in harmony, and it is true to fight poison with poison. In other words, Zhu Ni is a woman, and has the magic, when Jing Huaiyuan "raped" her, she put the magic in her body according to the true yuan in her body, through the two people's engagement, she forced her own poison into Jing Huaiyuan's body, with its poison to attack the other's poison, poison and poison to attack each other is positive. However, Zhu Ni is purely with his own life as a bet, in fact, Jing Huaiyuan in the green lady spring in the second day she arrived here, she has been hesitating whether to detoxify Jing Huaiyuan? She could not tell why she loved Jing Huaiyuan, she only knew that when she tortured Jing Huaiyuan, she fell in love with him firmly. She was impressed by his unyielding arrogance, and softened by his charming smile on the lips. She turned the horse's head several times to abandon Jing Huaiyuan, didn't she? She has no reason to save Jing Huaiyuan,Nail machine manufacturer, not to mention, the purpose of her trip is to catch Jing Huaiyuan back to Ximen Bao. However, since ancient times, who can measure the power of love? Why do poets like to describe love as "the seas run dry and the rocks crumble"? Oh, the power of love, who can destroy it? Driven by the power of such love, Zhu Ni surrendered. She not only came back, but also risked her life to detoxify Jing Huaiyuan. You should know that when Zhu Ni used Jing Huaiyuan to *** with her, she had to rely on her own family to force her into Jing Huaiyuan's Dantian. If her skill was not better than that of the Green Lady, she herself would cause the poison to flow backwards,Nail production machine, and she would die suddenly with seven holes bleeding and die! Fortunately, the green lady's martial arts is not as deep as she imagined, Zhu Ni only used half of the true yuan, it is easy to force their own body into Jing Huaiyuan Dantian, the disappearance of the green lady in Jing Huaiyuan's body poison, and the green lady will die suddenly because of Zhu Ni's solution. What makes Jing Huaiyuan even more happy is that Jing Huaiyuan has Zhenyuan who resists poison in his body from now on, so he doesn't have to worry about encountering this dumbfounding evil. Zhu Ni hugged Jing Huaiyuan's neck and said leisurely. She put on her red lips and kissed Jing Huaiyuan. She said with a charming smile, "Brother Huaiyuan, do you understand this?" "Oh, little girl, I don't know how to thank you!" Jing Huaiyuan hugged Zhu Ni's soft body tightly, so grateful that he forgot all about Zhu Ni's beating him, and gave her a long and warm kiss, which made Zhu Ni sing and breathless. "Oh, Xiao Ni, will you have any influence on yourself?" Jing Huaiyuan suddenly remembered something, suddenly looked up, nail manufacturing machine ,iron nail machine, asked in a hurry, he suspected that Zhu Ni can be safe and sound? Junie was suddenly asked by Jing Huaiyuan, and seemed to be shocked all over. Her beautiful eyes slipped through a strange look that was hard to detect, but then disappeared. She smiled sweetly and said, "I, am I not very good?" "Why did you lie to me?" Jing Huaiyuan turned his face gently, his eyes shining like two sharp arrows at Junie's pupils, as if to see through Junie's heart. "Tell me, Xiao Ni!" He said in a calm voice. Junie flinched to avoid Jing Huaiyuan's bright eyes, and her lips rippled with a smile, but Jing Huaiyuan could see that the smile contained too much reluctance, and her voice could make Jing Huaiyuan recognize it with a slight tremor: "Brother Huaiyuan, I'm not very good, very good.." "I want you to tell me, tell me!" Without waiting for Juni to finish, Jing Huaiyuan grabbed Juni's shoulder and shook it vigorously. With a painful look in his eyes, he said in a trembling voice, "Xiao Ni, I beg you, tell me, beg.." "Brother Huaiyuan, I don't care, I only know I love you, I love you." Said, said, suddenly tightly hugged Jing Huaiyuan neck, crazy kiss Jing Huaiyuan's nose, lips, eyebrows, eyes. Jing Huaiyuan could see two tears sliding out of her eyes, two pure tears of a young girl. Junie kissed enough and then buried her face in Jing Huaiyuan's chest. Jing Huaiyuan could feel her body trembling slightly. Oh, it was so pitiful and painful for Jing Huaiyuan. She said, "Brother Huaiyuan, why did you force me?" "Little Ni." With a cry of pain, Jing Huaiyuan hugged her petite body tightly, so lovingly and gently sucking the tears from the corners of Zhu Ni's eyes. The love and pity made Zhu Ni's heart tremble, and the gentleness made Zhu Ni intoxicated. After a long time, Jing Huaiyuan slowly raised his head, and his eyes were full of affection, making Zhu Ni dream and yearn for affection: "Xiao Ni, tell me, if you love me.." "I love you, I love you to death!" Without waiting for Jing Huaiyuan to finish, Zhu Ni shed a string of tears in her eyes and sent a tearful kiss with a charming cry. Jing Huaiyuan's nose was filled with an inexplicable sour feeling, and he was infatuated with kissing Zhu Ni, as if to repay the guilt in his heart. Brother Huaiyuan, I only have 30% of my martial arts left. Junie looked at Jing Huaiyuan with tears in her eyes for a long time, and a beautiful smile on her lips, smiling so naturally. Oh! Jing Huaiyuan suddenly shook and looked at Zhu Ni in a daze, unable to speak. The Green Lady has only 70% of my power, so I'm safe and sound. "Junie was still smiling, so relaxed, so natural." However, relatively speaking, you have lost 70% of your power! Jing Huaiyuan could not tell the feeling in his heart. The load was too heavy. He wanted to cry. "The golden hook of the magic dart" was not a person who was used to owing a debt of gratitude. But don't forget, brother Huaiyuan,Nail machine supplier, I still have 30% power, don't I? Junie seemed not to be sad at all about the loss of her martial arts, and she still smiled so beautifully and naturally. Xiao Ni! Jing Huaiyuan gave a trembling call and kissed Zhu Ni's red lips. Zhu Ni clung to Jing Huaiyuan and kissed him warmly. Jing Huaiyuan hugged Zhu Ni so tightly and so hard.