I am the master of my ancient times.

Later, I found that Cher should know that I like her. Every time I cast my hot eyes on her, although she pretended to be as if nothing had happened, I was sure that she was deliberately evading.


Later, I found that Cher should know that I like her. Every time I cast my hot eyes on her, although she pretended to be as if nothing had happened, I was sure that she was deliberately evading. Every time when I saw her walking very close to Qiu Fuzhu, I was always very sad, but always at this time I would receive Cher's reassuring eyes. I don't think she hates me. She's just running away from me. If my guess is right, it should be because of Ling Yehan, or she thinks her heart is no longer complete, so she doesn't want me to get too deep. But she has never thought that if she wants to get a complete heart from others at the cost of losing her, then I prefer to be a sand in her heart and share her beauty with others. ———————————————————— I think the number of appearances of Hua Wuheng is too few, so I wrote a side story for him to let you know more about him. This book was first published by Xiaoxiang Academy, please do not reprint! [Extra Chapter: Gold of the Five Elements] Hua Ruoyi-Jin Speciality: Business management, best at calligraphy, the whole body exudes the fragrance of tulips Introduce: The gold palace Lord of snow butterfly palace, the patron saint that shines golden country. Good weapon: abacus Short story: One day, I was drinking tea with Jin on the second floor of one of my branches in Lingmuguo. Suddenly, it became very quiet downstairs. Looking down, I saw that someone had been thrown out of a guest room on the third floor. One after another, men in black ran out of it as if they were looking for someone. All the staff of Huan Ge skillfully led the crowd out of the three emergency exits. What was more novel was that the man who lived in Huan Ge actually refused our protection for each hotel customer. I don't know whether he didn't believe in the ability of Huan Ge or believed too much in his own strength. Before long,Cold Drawn Tubes, the whole pavilion was empty, leaving only a dozen men in black and three men fighting, a weak woman hiding in the room, and finally Jin and I, the two girls watching the show. Although the three men were highly skilled in martial arts, they were outnumbered. Besides, the men in black were all killers who had killed countless people and were gradually defeated. While they were fighting fiercely, Jin kept waving marbles with an abacus and kept saying in his mouth,aluminium coated steel tube, "Five hundred taels of customer loss, fifteen taels of three tables, fifty taels of a door, five tael of another table, and one thousand tael of an antique vase.." Just outside the door, you can also hear the sound of a woman playing an abacus there. "Five paper windows on the first floor were cut by 25 taels, two doorposts were damaged by 120 taels, and the medical expenses of the three people in Huan Ge were estimated to be 100 to 300 taels.." I smiled bitterly to myself. The disciples of the Golden Sect were different. Others were in a hurry to flee for their lives, but she was still calculating the losses outside the door, and obviously much more than the actual losses. When the three of them could hardly hold on and were ready to use the hidden weapon, a man in black put a knife on the lady and shouted at the three of them, "If you dare to use the hidden weapon, I will tell her to go to hell immediately." As soon as he roared, Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes ,side impact beams, the three of them really stopped moving, and the owner of one of them, who seemed to be the other two, said to the man in a cold tone, "If you dare to hurt her, I'll bury you together!" He is really an affectionate man. It seems that I have to help him. I don't want to lose one of the few lovers in the world. Cough, "I cleared my throat and brought their attention here by the way." Excuse me, who is your leader? Can you tell me your name and which school you are a disciple? I politely asked the men in black a few questions. They were stunned at first, probably because they didn't think there were still people here, and they didn't notice it, which means that the two of us are highly skilled in martial arts. The one who took the lead pretended to be calm and stood out and gave us a hand, "Girl, in the next day, under the door of XX, today we are asking you not to intervene, otherwise don't blame us for being rude." Really, give us a blow? Wait a minute, I'll scare you to death! It's not something I can decide. It depends on the guest officer. "I took a look at the leader. He looked more than thirty years old. He was also handsome and extraordinary. His blue clothes made people feel comfortable.". I really wonder why there are all handsome boys in ancient times? "Me?" The man pointed his finger at himself, and his eyes were full of confusion. It's not just him. It's like everyone else. I smiled at him and nodded, and Jin answered for me, "Yes, because you are the guest officer of Huan Ge, you can ask us to protect you.". But since you have refused once before, if you ask again this time, you will have to pay five hundred taels of silver. I took a look at Jin and shook my head helplessly. She really never forgot to make money. The man was surprised, then looked at us with a smile in his eyes and said, "If you can save my wife, then kill these people.". Don't say five hundred taels, I'll give you one thousand taels. When Jin heard this, he immediately saw gold ingots in his eyes. I couldn't stand it and rolled my eyes. I looked around and measured the distance between me and the leading man in black and the kidnapper in my heart. I answered with a smile, "This is what you said. Don't go back on your words." As soon as the voice fell, I was already behind the kidnapper, and before anyone could react, I immediately pulled out the soft sword hidden in my waist and swept it across the man's neck. When everyone reacted, the head of the hostage holder had fallen to the ground. I immediately covered the lady's eyes with my hands so that she would not be too frightened. Glancing at Kim, she signaled that she could start. After Jin received my instructions, he coughed twice in the same way, and then said in a loud voice, "On July 26, YYYY, local time, 38 tables and chairs, seven doors and windows, and antique vases were damaged at the Huan Ge branch in Yingmu City,side impact beams, Lingmu Country." The total loss of my shop is 18700 taels. Please sign for it. Otherwise, I'll have to ask someone to send it to your door to claim compensation. Kim read the newly written claim book professionally, and then showed a'kind 'smile and gave the man in black two choices. cbiesautomotive.com