The Super Red Name of Online Games

But Dad's words brought the red name back to the earth from YY, "Xiao Ming, I know you also want to be a professional gamer.".


But Dad's words brought the red name back to the earth from YY, "Xiao Ming, I know you also want to be a professional gamer.". But I don't want my son to be seen as having to go pro because he didn't get into college, you know? Is there anything you don't understand? I just hope that, like the legendary Bill Gates, the richest man on earth more than 200 years ago, I can go to college first to prove that I have the ability, and then drop out of school to start a business. Piece of cake! It is difficult to surpass Gates, but we still have the courage to dream! After lunch, I accompanied my parents and took their simple luggage to their new address and their newly established company, right? The company is actually in a hotel apartment. Isn't that too extravagant? The employees of Mom and Dad's company are also uncles and aunts who are about the same age as them. How can they look like a veteran league? These uncles and aunts can also be professional players? But the red name finally knows why the company address should be chosen in the hotel apartment, most of them are husband and wife team, living in the hotel apartment not only play games without disturbance, but also do anything convenient, don't get me wrong, mainly do not have to do housework,pumpkin seed extract, you can devote yourself to your career. After spending the afternoon in Mom and Dad's company and having a big dinner with Mom and Dad's colleagues, it was already 7:30 p.m. when Hong Ming got home. Xiao Li Hooray! Finally, no one cares! As soon as he entered the house, the red name burst into a wild beast's cry! At 8:00 this evening, the auction of the Rainbow Chamber of Commerce will be held in Yinlong City. Unfortunately, the red name is a super red name and can not enter the system city. There is no way to help her,lutein eye complex, so I can only let her work hard alone. The red name apologized to the true self style that came out of her mind, and then YY, fantasized to kiss her little face that could be broken by blowing bullets, and rode the hell three-headed dog with the private Daguai brigade into the Worm Valley. Sweep Worm Valley for the third time! Today is the weekend, it is reasonable to say that there should be a lot of players, but I do not know why the players in Worm Valley are particularly rare, are they all going to watch the live broadcast of the auction of the first city building order in Conquest? But doesn't the auction start at 8:00? Now go and see if you have found something? What Hongming doesn't know is that there is already an auction coming to an end in Hidden Dragon City! The auction was also held by the Rainbow Chamber of Commerce. It is not a separate auction, but can be barely regarded as the base of the auction of the order to build a city. No matter what time it is, the big names always have to play a little later, and there are some small roles in front of them to warm up. This auction, the auction is not equipment, jujube seed powder ,jujube seed powder, nor goods, but the exclusive right to broadcast the auction later! Of course, this exclusive live broadcast right refers to the live broadcast in the game, but now there are more than 12 billion players in Conquest, and there is basically no difference between the live broadcast in the game and the global live broadcast, and the attention is probably higher! Many media companies competing offers, the final tnn media limited company to 156000000 the price of gold coins for the exclusive broadcast rights! 156000000 gold coins! After deducting the 20% tax paid to the system, the Rainbow Chamber of Commerce only auctioned the exclusive live broadcasting rights of an auction, making a net profit of 124800 000! If the red name knows that the auction has not officially started, there will be more than 60 million in his pocket, and it is estimated that he will be happy to die! Next, the second auction was the auction of advertising time for the city building order auction. True Elegance has reserved three advertising slots throughout the auction, each of which is 10 seconds long. The auction of advertising time has attracted the attention of many businesses interested in the audience group of more than 12 billion players, which is a terrible base, and has triggered another round of hot impact. A total of 240 million gold coins were auctioned in the last three advertising slots! According to the pre-agreed agreement, the revenue of the advertising time is jointly owned by Rainbow Chamber of Commerce and tnn Media Co., Ltd., each receiving 50%. In this way, the pre-tax income of the two auctions alone was 276 million yuan, while the actual expenditure of tnn media limited was only more than 50 million yuan, and it got the exclusive right to broadcast the whole city building order auction live! Sophia, the executive director of tnn media, and the president of the rainbow chamber of commerce, the two beauties hugged each other tightly and smiled like beautiful foxes. Sophia laughed, thanks to her prior insistence on signing an agreement with True Self to share the benefits of this advertising time, which saved 100 million yuan! The real smile is that it's lucky that she lured Sophia to sign an agreement to share the benefits of this advertising time in advance, otherwise how can tnn media limited be willing to spend 100005600 of sky-high prices to take the live broadcast rights of the next auction in the game world? Had it not been for the astonishing price of live broadcasting fees, how could those businesses be willing to spend tens of millions of yuan on 10-second advertisements? The business vision of tnn is well known, and it never does business at a loss. Since even tnn believes that the exclusive live broadcast rights of the auction are worth 156000000, it shows that tnn believes that the ratings of the auction will be a more and more historical and record number! It must be worth it to shoot a 10-second commercial break with tens of millions of yuan! 555555…… If those businessmen who spent tens of millions of yuan and took only 10 seconds of advertising time knew that tnn company was not the owner of the auction, the true self of the Rainbow Chamber of Commerce was "invited" to "shoot", and that the Rainbow Chamber of Commerce and tnn were just "joining hands" to perform a good show, they would surely spurt blood and die.. The players in "conquest" were even more frightened by the astonishing price, so that when they received the announcement from tnn media Co., Ltd., that the auction of the city building order would be broadcast live on the Internet, and each audience would be charged 10 gold coins,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, their reaction was, "not expensive, not expensive at all!" Don't mention how easy it is to take out money one by one.