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"Why did historical dramas suddenly rise in the Kuomintang-controlled areas?"? Because the high-handed rule at that time did not allow you to talk about the sharp problems of reality.


"Why did historical dramas suddenly rise in the Kuomintang-controlled areas?"? Because the high-handed rule at that time did not allow you to talk about the sharp problems of reality. Not to say directly, then borrow the past to live in the present, to know that "all historical dramas are realistic dramas", so it is easy to understand that the historical dramas during the Anti-Japanese War focused on the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties and the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom in China. In the late Ming Dynasty, the country was in peril, but the people in the court were fighting among themselves, and the country was still not United after its subjugation, as you can see from The Deer and the Cauldron. The Prince Mu's Mansion and Heaven and Earth would not be convinced by each other and would argue about trifles all day long. The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom was the same, fighting among themselves, and finally accelerated its own destruction. Guo Moruo's Qu yuan was warmly welcomed by the audience in Chongqing, because he showed the sharpest contradictions in China at that time with historical stories. "Writing literature as history, or breaking away from historical jokes or even nonsense, are two extremes; from the perspective of elite literature, it is Lu Xun who writes the best historical themes, and from the perspective of popular literature, it is Jin Yong.". A really good literary work is to make an article in the cracks of history. The wonderful "quotations" rushed all the way, and the crowd laughed constantly. Old Kong is a natural "speaker". In his own words, he is called "black humor, Coca-Cola". I think I have to add that he is a "tickling master". Every word is poking at the "itch" of practical problems. Two I began to miss today's class, but time passed quickly, Lao Kong announced that "class is over". The time is 6:25. I packed up my notebook and stepped forward. Several students gathered around the platform with some new books and asked Lao Kong to sign their names; he received the final papers handed in by the students while signing their names; a Korean student explained to Mr. Kong in Chinese that he had forgotten to bring his papers today,ghana seed extract, hoping that the teacher could forgive him.. Old Kong is a busy teacher. Finally, after signing and collecting the homework, the Korean students were pardoned and left. Old Kong and I walked out of Lijiao together. We made an appointment to have dinner with his two graduate students. Walking to the door, he took out a key and said, "Wait for me to push the car.". A very old black bicycle is parked in the car cluster, did not see, this is the "drunken swordsman" Kong Qingdong's "mount". On this winter night in Yanyuan, the atmosphere of the New Year is strong. We walked on the school road,lycopene for skin, almost walking through the crowd. Old Kong suddenly sighed with emotion, "When I was in school, there weren't so many people.". At that time, if there were so many people hanging out at night, it must be the students who wanted to make trouble. Passing by Xuewu canteen, I asked Lao Kong, are you still eating in the canteen? Old Kong smiled, "Actually, I like eating in the canteen very much, but now I don't eat in the canteen." He turned his head sideways and smiled again. "The main thing is that I'm eating in the canteen now. The students know me and don't let me line up." Look, Lao Kong's "smile" is a typical "bad guy" and a "famous bad guy". Three He found a small restaurant, sat down, ordered food at random, served beer, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate ,saw palmetto extract, opened the chatterbox, and all kinds of characters, events and anecdotes "jumped out" through Lao Kong's language of wisdom and humor. Tomorrow is the 95th anniversary of the Chinese Department of Peking University. Don't you know? The Chinese Department of Peking University is a big deal. Which other school or department in China can have 19'famous' associate professors, 'wealth can't be licentious', and high salaries can't please go? I think these people, no matter who they are, have to be heavyweight scholars in any school. As one of the "famous associate professors", Lao Kong used to be the chairman of the trade union of the Chinese Department of Peking University. When he was drunk, he did not forget to evaluate his colleagues. Recently, his colleague Professor Meng Erdong has become a model for the national educational circles to learn with his academic attitude and dedication, so Lao Kong signed his reply to me as "Kong Yidong". I wrote back to express my puzzlement, and he wrote back to "clean up" me: " 'One East and Two Winter' are the first two rhymes. Your knowledge of ancient times is not solid." I was sweating all over-this is the typical style of Lao Kong, the great chivalrous man, the strict teacher, and often there is a spur in the casual. Speaking of his colleagues, Lao Kong's jokes came out one after another. In 1998, I was sent to Singapore to teach Chinese literature, along with a gentleman from our department who studies ancient literature. This gentleman told the students in Singapore about Tao yuanming, "Picking chrysanthemums under the eastern fence, leisurely seeing Nanshan" and "not bowing down for five pecks of rice". Unexpectedly, the students in Singapore were so serious that someone stood up and asked the teacher seriously, 'How could Tao yuanming do this irresponsibly? If he doesn't want his job, what about his family, wife and children? This gentleman had never thought of such an unpleasant question, and he was embarrassed for a moment. I later explained to the students that Tao had other sources of livelihood besides being an official, and that he was at least a small landlord. The words made everyone laugh. Old Kong, at the age of forty, knows that debauchery and wealth are all bad things that can't be touched. Therefore, the elegant name "Peking University Drunken Swordsman" is not strong enough to drink. Jin Yong, Gu Long, Qiao, Huang Rong, his wife, and children are warming the Kang. They are chatting while they are drinking, but they have already drunk for three rounds. It is almost time for the restaurant to close. Although one still wants to get some unofficial history barnyard grass, it is not good not to let teacher Kong go home, so we decided to retreat. Old Kong wiped Master Guan's red face, drank the remaining half glass of beer, tied his little plaid scarf-after all, he was a gentle man-whistled, turned over on his horse and went north. Go home, turn on the computer, Lao Kong recently opened a blog, also fashionable, there is a sentence quite self-moving and touching, excerpted as follows, the right to end: Last night,akba boswellic acid, I ate two strings of stinky tofu in Xibali Village (Xi'an). The boss and his wife were about the same age as me. They worked hard and looked full. They looked very tacit and affectionate. I think if I hadn't been admitted to college, it would be good to live like them now. Think of a word in martial arts novels, "chivalrous tenderness". Old Kong! Old Kong. It's too late to come back tonight. Post a book review. Where can I find poetry in the world? Reading Ding Qizhen's Poetic World Kong Qingdong.