17+ qua tang sep nam ma vang sang trong

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Giving gifts to friends or doing charity are actions with the purpose of bringing happiness. And research has shown that people are happier after making a personalized donation, through a friend or loved one, than after making an anonymous donation

Model sailboat 

Sailboats are also known as business boats. This is a gift that is most loved by bosses because of the very special meanings from this gift. When giving a sailboat model, we want to send our boss good wishes, fortune and success on the path of fame and career. 

The sailing model also has the effect of activating the convenience in the business process or the career curve. Therefore, this is the best-selling high-end male boss gift on the market today. 


It would be remiss if not to mention wristwatches. This is a gift for a male boss that most people think about. Today, a watch is not only an object that can tell the time anymore, but it also acts as an accessory to show the owner's class. 

High quality gold plated pen 

This is a gift that is both practical, useful, but also classy and highly aesthetic, chosen by many people as office gifts for male bosses. The body of the signature pen is beautifully plated with gold, creating a unique style for your male boss.


Successful people almost always have the habit of reading books. Because they learn a lot from those books. Therefore, if you do not know what gift to buy for a male boss, you can think about finding a good book to give your boss. 

Gold-plated pen plug

Another office item that Phuc Tuong Gold would like to introduce to you is the gold-plated pen plugs. We have combined pens with iconic and well-meaning models such as a sailboat model, a golden horse model, a golden lotus... This meaningful male boss gift is more than just an object. office use, but also upgraded into a unique decoration on the male boss's desk. 

Impressive gold-plated silver lotus painting 

This is an upgraded version of 3D lotus painting at Phuc Tuong Gold. It is still the image of a lotus, but the artisans skillfully use silver rods to shape flowers and leaves. The whole picture seems to become much more vivid and soft. 


Not only women but men also use perfume. Perfume gifts for male bosses are also popular. Take some time to learn what scents your boss usually uses. This is definitely a meaningful gift for a male boss. 

Unique and successful gold-plated painting

The successful unique painting is crafted from beautiful gold-plated thin bronze walls. The image of 8 horses galloping forward symbolizes bringing joy, success and luck to the male boss. This is a suitable gift for male boss on occasions such as New Year, promotion, birthday... 

Winged eagle painting

The eagle is known to many as the lord of the sky. They have wide wings, high and far vision, and extremely sharp claws. Therefore, the eagle is also a symbol of strength, suitable as a gift for a male boss on many different occasions. 

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