19+ qua tang sep nu ma vang sang trong

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In addition to the feelings given in the gift, it also has many different meanings. That gift can help you bond with colleagues, show gratitude to customers or show respect to superiors. Depending on the object you want to give, the gift represents a different meaning.

Gift for senior female boss: Gold-plated lotus flower pot 

Lotus is the national flower of Vietnam. This is also a favorite flower of many Vietnamese people. The gilded lotus flower pot at Phuc Tuong Gold is crafted by artisans. Not only breathe life into the gift, but also create a work of art that is loved by many people. 

Buy a female boss gift: Sign pen

In the position of a female boss, it is natural to regularly sign or write. Therefore, the choice of gifts for signing pens is very practical. And your boss also understands that you are a delicate person when choosing such a gift. 


As for cosmetic gifts, most female bosses need and use them. However, there are many different types of cosmetics. You should look to buy quality assurance gift products. It is best to find branded and reputable cosmetic gifts on the market today. If you buy low-quality gifts, you could very well influence your boss's view of you. 

fresh flower 

Fresh flowers have no light damage to women. Most women love fresh flowers. Therefore, this is also a gift that many people choose to give their female boss. A bouquet of flowers or a basket of fresh flowers for your boss will definitely make your female boss extremely happy. 

Plug in pens to sign orchids, gilded lotus flowers

There is no denying the use of a pen in the office. However, Phuc Tuong Gold broke the way by combining images of flowers and grass to create a new gold-plated pen with 2-in-1 function. It has the effect of plugging in a pen and also a decorative effect in the office. 

Household appliances

Although in the workplace, the female boss is the leader. However, when coming home, the female boss is still the mother and wife. Therefore, gifts for female bosses with household appliances are also a suggestion for you.  

Gold plated lotus painting 

What gift to buy for female boss? Gold-plated lotus flower painting is a suggestion that Phuc Tuong Gold wants to send to you. The picture not only has the effect of decorating the boss's office, but also has a feng shui effect to help the boss feel more relaxed when looking at it. 

Meaningful female boss gifts: Gold-plated money tree 

High-class gift for female boss: Gold-plated brooch

Golden Rose

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