21+ qua tang sinh nhat sep ma vang cao cap

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A birthday is the anniversary of a person's birth, also a day marking a new age. People often hold a party to celebrate, but for famous people, people with great merits are celebrated. holiday. People often give each other meaningful gifts on birthdays. The gift is both a souvenir as

Gilded age mascot statue

Mascots enter the culture very naturally, thereby becoming people's conceptions. At the same time, each mascot will represent a different zodiac, as well as the personality and destiny of each person. Buying the right zodiac sign will bring balance, eliminate disadvantages, offset strengths and highlight strengths. This is a high-class boss birthday gift chosen by many customers at Phuc Tuong Gold. 

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Gold plated lotus pot

The lotus is the national flower in the hearts of Vietnamese people and is a Buddhist symbol loved by many followers. The gilded lotus flower pot exudes a delicate, pure and noble beauty. Giving a lotus flower pot to your boss on the occasion of his birthday helps him feel the serenity in his soul when looking at him and living a more peaceful life. 

Trees for the boss's office

A plant, especially a low-maintenance plant, will add the perfect accent of light, color and warmth to your boss's office. Most importantly, trees increase positivity in life. 

Choose office plants that are easy to care for. For example, choose a cactus that thrives in natural light and must be watered once a week. Spider plants, jade plants and aloe plants are also very easy to care for

Statue of Phuc Loc Tho gilded 

Anyone in life hopes and wishes for fame, wealth and a long happy life. Three statues of Phuc Loc Tho represent happiness, luck, and longevity, representing this wish. So this statue will be a special gift for your boss on the occasion of his upcoming birthday. 

Gift baskets

Whether your boss likes a glass of quality wine, likes sweets or eats healthy, there's a gift basket that's just right for your boss. Gift baskets are one of the most popular boss birthday gift ideas today. 

Remember, your boss's birthday gift basket doesn't have to be luxury food or drink. Always consider what your boss's preferences are to choose the right gift basket. 

Gold-plated accessories 

Sure, accessories for the boss's work clothes are a great choice. You can choose for your boss an elegant flower lapel or an impressive gold-plated tie clip. These birthday boss gifts are small but have the effect of exalting the boss's elegance. 

Model of a gilded sailboat 

According to many feng shui documents, sailing boats represent entrepreneurs and are used to promote smooth business and gain a lot of profit. Boat model should be displayed in the office, office, main hall, living room to maximize its use. Sailboat model is chosen by many customers as a birthday gift for their boss. 

Travel accessories 

If your boss often has to go on business trips or is passionate about travel, nothing is more appropriate than the gift of travel accessories. You can choose gifts such as passport covers, neck pillows, travel bags... Give your boss a birthday gift that is as observant as this, why doesn't your boss like you. 

Golden peacock statue

The gold-plated peacock statue is a very meaningful senior boss birthday gift. This is a gift that helps bring peace and luck in feng shui.

Feng shui golden horse statue

In leadership positions, everyone wants their career path to be more and more favorable and develop. That's why they strongly believe in feng shui items that will help them progress in the future. A birthday gift for your boss with a feng shui horse statue will help your boss receive more luck, convenience and success. Do not ignore this meaningful gift if you want to impress your male boss.  

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