21+ qua tang sinh nhat sep nu ma vang sang trong

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The purpose of giving gifts is sometimes nothing bad, you simply want to show affection and thanks to the person who has helped you in your work. However, many people now consider it as an opportunity to be "taken care of", flatter and please the Boss.

10+ most impressive female boss birthday gift ideas 

Painting of carp crossing the dance floor

It's not easy for women to be both leaders and have to take care of the family at the same time. Giving a female boss's birthday gift is a great suggestion. The image of a carp is considered a symbol of fullness, warmth, and prosperity in business. The gift is also a wish for the female boss to achieve much success on her career path. 

Set of notebooks

If your boss likes to take written notes during meetings, then you can give him a premium notebook. You can choose the right print, color or birthday wishes for your boss to make the gift more personal. 

Painting of rich peacock

The peacock's tail is the most beautiful part of the bird and also means fortune in business. The image of a peacock spreading its tail shows its beauty, leaving a strong impression on the viewer with its arrogance and grace. A picture of a rich peacock is very suitable as a birthday gift for your female boss. 

boss gift

Specialty wine

A bottle of wine or specialty liquor from your hometown would be the perfect gift for your female boss. Hometown specialty wine birthday gifts will help your female boss save many personal memories.

Gold-plated honeysuckle

If your female boss likes to plant trees but does not have much time to take care of them, the gift of a gilded honeysuckle on the occasion of her birthday will surely make her boss happy. Gold-plated honeysuckle not only brings luck and prosperity to the female boss, but also helps the boss attract more fortune, luck and peace. 

Homemade food

If you're known for making the best macaroons at the office party, this could be a great gift idea for your boss. You can make a cake by yourself to celebrate your female boss's birthday. This will make your boss extremely emotional and still save you money. 

Golden crystal ball 

Golden crystal ball is a meaningful female boss birthday gift. The gift not only works for display, paperweight but also brings luck in life and work for your female boss. 

Female boss birthday gift: Gold-plated orchid pot 

One of the most popular gifts as a birthday gift for a female boss is a gilded phalaenopsis orchid pot. Orchid is considered the queen of flowers with strange beauty symbolizing wealth, happiness and prosperity. 

Special coffee or tea

In the workplace, caffeinated beverages can help keep workers energized and productive. Consider giving your female boss a special coffee or tea they can try during the workday. 

Paintings of nine fishes of the assembly gilded

Nine-fish paintings have the meaning of eternal abundance. This is a gilded female boss birthday gift with wishes for her life to be always prosperous and happy for a long time. 

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