15+ qua tang sep nam nghi huu ma vang sang trong

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Therefore, gifts are given to the retired boss to express gratitude and respect in valuable and meaningful gifts. Giving gifts also shows your culture of good manners towards your superiors who have guided you. Even though he has returned to the company, no longer works under the guidance

When to give a gift to a retired male boss?

Choosing the right time to buy a retirement gift for a male boss is also something you need to pay attention to. This is also a way to show your sophistication and ingenuity. You should also find out what the company's gift-giving culture is. Do people give gifts to retired male bosses? If yes, people will give gifts together or separately. 

Once you identify the company's gift-giving culture, you will have an answer to when to give gifts to male bosses to retire. Normally, you can give gifts to your boss at the farewell party (if the company has a culture of giving gifts to the boss). If not, you can give your boss a gift after the party, when it's just the two of you, or about 3-5 days before the boss officially retires. 

Impressive gilded retirement male boss gifts

Phuc Loc Tho word painting

Phuc Loc Tho calligraphy paintings remind everyone to follow the flow, cultivate themselves, and nurture their character, so that future generations can be filled with blessings, prosperity and longevity. Making a gift for a retired male boss with the word Phuc Loc Tho is a good idea, because in life people always seek happiness, abundance and longevity. In summary, these three words are not only a reminder, but also a lifelong wish of each person!

Gold-plated ashtray 

If the male boss is a smoker, the gift of gilded cigarette ashtray is the perfect choice for your boss. In addition, the ashtray is a common item on the family dining table, a gilded ashtray will impress guests when visiting the boss's house. 

Gold plated monk statue 

In daily life, it is inevitable to toss and turn and do things that should not be done. Giving a gilded little monk to the male presiding officer of the meditation, helping him to scrutinize, reminding himself to keep his mind clear, his mind stable, not to worry about market problems. When the mind is at peace, life is easy, peaceful and full of joy. 

Paintings of golden age cranes

The picture is crafted from high quality 24k gold, suitable as a gift for a retired male boss. The picture of pine cranes with images of pine trees and cranes means longevity, health and happiness. Especially when the boss retires, they often lead a simple, honest and peaceful life with their family, so this is definitely a meaningful gift for a retired male boss.


Buddha's Bodhi Leaf

As the symbolic image of the Buddha, the Bodhi leaf has a heart shape and is designed by many curved gilded silver bars. Gifts for retired male boss Bodhi leaf with the meaning of peace, luck and long-term happiness. 

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