15+ qua tang chia tay sep nu ma vang tai Phuc Tuong Gold

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Currently, giving gifts to the boss is no longer a strange thing for everyone. Giving gifts to your boss has now become a common practice. However, choosing the right gift is not easy at all. So, how to choose the right gift for your boss, we need to note the following:

15+ meaningful farewell gifts for female bosses

Golden peacock statue 

 The highlight of the statue is the impressively crafted peacock feathers and attracts the viewer's eyes. Peacocks have long been likened to descendants of the phoenix, representing wealth, wealth and power. This is a reasonable gift to give as a farewell gift to a female boss.

Employee fulfills gilded wish 


 Considered a must-have makeup item for any woman. Therefore, a high-class lipstick with bright colors will be the ideal gift for a female boss on the day of parting. You need to choose a lipstick color that is luxurious and noble, when going to work or going out, your boss can use it.

Model of a gilded sailboat 

If your female boss starts her own business, the gift of a gilded sailboat model will be a very meaningful gift. The gift is a wish for luck, peace and convenience in all the work ahead, no matter how difficult it is.

Gold-plated brooch accessories 

 When working in an office, female bosses often have to wear office clothes. However, these outfits are generally casual and quite serious. Therefore, the farewell gift to the female boss a gilded flower brooch will be extremely suitable. The gift helps to highlight the luxurious beauty of the female boss when combined with elegant business suits. 


 Watches are an extremely useful jewelry accessory, both helping to manage time well and help women become more luxurious and confident. So, if you are having a hard time finding a farewell gift for your boss, a watch is a perfect suggestion. 

Gold-plated phalaenopsis orchid pot 

The gold-plated phalaenopsis orchid pot of Phuc Tuong Gold brand is also a very suitable choice as a farewell gift for a female boss. Orchids are known as the queen of flowers with their noble and noble beauty, instead they will send your most precious feelings to talented superiors. 


 Modern women often like to own high-class handbags. Handbags not only act as storage containers but also help women express their personality and class. So, a female boss farewell gift bag will be a luxurious gift. Help you make a good impression on your leader. 

Gold-plated sunflower pots 

 Buying a farewell gift for a female boss can not ignore the pot of gilded sunflowers at Phuc Tuong Gold. A flower that always faces the sun, symbolizing a bright future. A pot of gilded sunflowers will be an eye-catching choice as a gift for your female boss. 

yellow lotus painting 

Gold-plated pen plug 

fresh flower

Fresh flowers for your boss on the day of farewell is the perfect suggestion that you can try. A meaningful gift that shows your sincere utility for your boss. This farewell gift, though simple, is enough to help you express your heart for your female boss. 

Gold-plated lotus carp

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