Preschool learning

Kidzu Preschool Learning app helps kids learn with specially crafted preschool learning activities, such as preschool kids learning shapes, numbers, alphabets,

animals, birds, months, and days of the week. With its simplified operation, the preschool learning app will help your c


Kidzu Preschool Learning application assists messes around with learning with uncommonly created preschool learning exercises, for example, preschool kids learning shapes, numbers, letters in order, creatures, birds, months, and days of the week. With its worked on activity, the preschool learning application will assist your kid with learning both, the articulation and spelling of an article. Kidzu preschool baby games will take tests to test abilities and has some good times at it.

o The best Preschool Children Learning Test!

o Perceive creatures, numbers, and letter sets by their shape

o Figure out how to spell and articulate names

o Simple to utilize

Preschool learning application for youngsters that makes learning fun!

Learning games for kids tapping a preschool youngster's tendency to learn is difficult for some guardians. Kidzu offers babies learning games with intuitive showing techniques while being straightforward. The children learning application sets your youngster in the best situation to make the best of their acquiring abilities! Before your child is all set to school, the kid would know how to spell and articulate the names of birds, creatures, numbers, letters in order, creature games, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

  1. English letters in order learning games to articulate all
  2. Phonetics and comprehension of numbers
  3. Creatures learning application games assist the youngster with perceiving creatures by shapes and pictures, learn and spell names
  4. With the birds learning games perceive by their pictures and spelling their names
  5. Natural products learning application games for perceiving their spelling and elocution
  6. Find out about vegetables with the vegetable learning games
  7. Perceive various blossoms by their names and figure out how to spell them
  8. Intuitive variety learning for youngsters, spelling, and acknowledgment
  9. Shapes games for youngsters, learning shapes names, and their spelling
  10. Work day learning application games, phonetics, and figuring out how to spell
  11. Months learning application games, spelling, and acknowledgment
  12. Knowing and spelling body parts' names
  13. Perceiving and spelling cooking wares and contraptions
  14. Realizing furniture names and spelling them
  15. Spelling and phonetics for various cars
  16. Seasons' names and spellings
  17. Beneficial routines for youngsters and everyday daily schedule
  18. Spelling of school things
  19. Learning family relationship names
  20. Learning birthday things

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