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Gate opener install

The process of installing a gate opener can be confusing to those inexperienced in the installation process. The problems start when the customer selects a product and then walks into the store not really knowing what they need or how to install it.

We've compiled this post for customer who is considering installation of a gate opener, or for those who have already purchased one but are unsure about the installation process.

Step 1.

When installing any gate opener, you need to determine where to place it. The ideal location is high on your fence, as it not only makes the gate opener less vulnerable to damage from lawn mowers and other outside elements, but also because it allows the cable coming from the opener to drop vertically to wherever the gate is located. It is important when planning this that you allow for adequate space for the arms of your gate or driveway gate to open. Keep in mind that most gates are double leaf so make sure when installing you have enough room for both leaves of your gate.

Make sure that you have a good area for mounting installed before purchasing your opener. For example, if you want to mount it to a post, the area around that post has to be fairly level and conducive for mounting. If you have an older fence or one without wood posts, you can use concrete blocks.

You'll also need to determine where the actual gate is located in relation to the opening in your fence. You can measure that distance with a tape measure or have an existing gate that's similar used as a template if you know of one nearby.

Step 2: Determine cable length needed.

You'll need to know the length of cable (or wire) needed before purchasing your gate opener. The cable and opener should be long enough to extend over the fence.

There are several factors that determine the length:

** When you have a smaller house or apartment, you will probably not have enough space for a standard gate opener. In this case, you'll need to purchase two motor units and a little extra cable length. You can get it in multiple lengths that will give you more than just what is needed for your gate opening.

** If you need a opening that's very large, then it is best to get multiple cables (up to five 6-foot cables) in order to allow the gate to open up farther. Make sure that all cables arrive at your gate at the same time. Visit here -