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The current boss with the highest level of power is currently the strongest boss Old School Runescape which in basic appearance resembles an OSRS GP obese woman. Be wary of this look as her damage could easily one shoot you. In fact, Verzik is a Vampyre capable of morphing into an insect. She is the final boss within Theatre of Blood with a Combat level of 1040.

To be able to take on her, players need to win five more battles on the arena against bosses having a combat levels of between 800 and 800. Although this instance is counted as a raid, similar with Chambers of Xeric - only 5 players are allowed to take on bosses on the arena at any given time. When it comes to rewards players can receive their best slot-based weapons, a sets of justicar, huge quantities of herbs , and even a chance to get pet. Content recommended only for maxed combatants.

While Jad isn't the most common boss that you can encounter in a random cave that drop random loot, it's certainly undoubtedly one of most famous ones within the Old School RuneScape community. This is the final boss of the TzHaar Fight Cave minigame. He is also one the bosses you will be able to meet during the Inferno minigame. Jad for a lengthy time was one of the toughest bosses of OSRS.

He is able to shoot even the most powerful players, even if they do not have the right prayer in place during the moment. This is the reason why prior to fighting with him, it's essential to understand his strategies. For the achievement of conquering the entire fight cave and Jad himself players can earn Tokkul and the legendary Fire Cape. If you want to take on Jad should prepare to spend approximately an hour fighting monsters during the minigame ensure that you manage your resources during that period of time.

In case the Jad himself wasn't dangerous enough, Jagex created even more challenging version of the cave, called Inferno. The game's players will encounter Tz-Kal Zuk, who has an average level of 1400. This boss can be assigned as an Slayer task following the first success of the Inferno. If he's killed in the task, he rewards players who have over 100k experiences in the Slayer ability. Additionally those who manage to beat the monster are awarded the Infernal Cape which is the best melee cape that can be found in the game. Since the cape is not tradeable There is no reason to fight this monster multiple times outside of Slayer tasks.


We're pleased to present our OSRS Minigames guide, where you will learn more about the little-known activities by Old School RuneScape. Below we will list each of them. Then, we'll give you brief descriptions of the cheap RS gold nature of them and what you can accomplish by playing those minigames. Don't waste time and jump straight into the instructions.