I am still unable to imagine that I went live yesterday

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Asmon typically has trouble finding the name he desires for new MMO's, and Lost Ark proved to be not any different, as players snatched up nearly every version that "Asmongold" possible.As his stream was on the move it reached a maximum of Lost Ark Gold 285,726 fans, which is his highest-ever according to statistics monitoring site Twitch Tracker. The number narrowly beat out the old record set at 283k during the World of Warcraft stream back in August of 2019 with the release of WoW Classic.

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Lost Ark saw a massive number of viewers Twitch, reaching over 1.7 million in peak viewership on all of Twitch the day after the Founders Pack went live, and Asmongold represented a significant part of that.

Asmongold wrapped up his stream once he had reached level 20, and was stunned as well as grateful for the support he received through it all.

"I am still unable to imagine that I went live yesterday. I'm going lay down and reflect on this It's a bit crazy."

Asmon also confirmed he will keep streaming more Lost Ark on his main channel, meaning he might have to leave his second channel for the moment.

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