gurgaon me job kaise paye

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The latest job news in India has revealed that prominent industries like transportation and medical care are still facing labor shortages. Scarcity of workers, shortage of skill sets and low salary remain among the key employment challenges in India. The country is struggling for attracting adequate investments and supervisory staffs from outside. Complicated legal procedures, lack of infrastructure, outdated education system with slow pace are few among the many reasons hindering the growth of a thriving economy.


From hiring specialized workforce from different parts of the nation and to offer a quality service, all these are the great challenges faced by employers. There is a continuous shift in the nature of jobs that are being offered by the companies. The main reasons for this massive shift in demand across various sectors are about changing consumer preferences and also about improving efficiency.


The retail industry has witnessed a great growth in last few years. This sector saw a direct effect on the rise in number of job opportunities. In such context, it became very difficult for employers to find good candidates with requisite skill sets who can perform different positions like stock management, merchandizing and marketing operations etc without any drawbacks or complications. Read More..