Perfect world

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This formed a strong contrast, this side of the emperor only three people, and the opposite side directly out of the twelve people! Twelve foreign elders, they did not hold immortal instruments, otherwise, they would be taken away by Tianyuan, but held the immortal instrument of Gan Kun ba

This formed a strong contrast, this side of the emperor only three people, and the opposite side directly out of the twelve people! Twelve foreign elders, they did not hold immortal instruments, otherwise, they would be taken away by Tianyuan, but held the immortal instrument of Gan Kun bag! It was intact. It once belonged to the Nine Heavens. It was taken away and lost in a foreign land. A few years ago, it fought against the Ten Realms Map. In addition, in their hands, there are two pieces of incomplete fairy ware. The two sides did not fight, but this confrontation is more terrible than fighting, once the shot, it is bound to be ground-breaking, may immediately divide life and death. Fighting in the desert, there are actually more horrible characters in the sky tit for tat! "Let's go, it's not time yet!" Finally, the ten old men of the foreign land got up, took precautions, and then retreated and disappeared quickly. The road is too difficult, and I have a premonition that the situation is not far away. Elder Meng Tianzheng sighed lightly. In the desert, a silver-haired youth was found, was invited to an area, let him fight against the wasteland, this person is Wufeng, known as the King of Heaven! "Wu Feng, I didn't expect you to come. Say hello to Qimin Immortal for me!" Said a great master of escape in the sky, very polite. Because, Wu Feng has been immortal guidance, can see that kind of supreme figure. This is a very young young man, a long silver hair down to the waist, tall and straight, heroic outstanding,Portable gold trommel, there are some mysterious silver lines on the forehead. Outside his body, the silver light beats and forms a light mass, which makes him look sacred, as if he is contaminated with the breath of immortality. This is King Wu! The foreign land is so vast, so big that it is boundless, and the living beings are countless, and he can be ranked fourth in the royal family of the world, and can be called peerless and powerful among the people of the same age! For a young man, it is a supreme honor to be named a heavenly king, to be immortal, and to be a registered disciple. My Lord, I'm afraid I can't go to kill the wasteland now. I have something important to do. Wu Feng said. He is really very heroic,tin beneficiation plant, his silver hair is brilliant, but also wearing a silver armor, shining, the whole person is as bright as a silver sun. No matter where this person goes, it is impossible to be ignored and transcendent. Many people looked at him, even the people on this side of the nine days were no exception. Some people were angry, but they thought he was too arrogant. They said that he could not kill the wasteland now. Did he think he could kill it? "What do you want?" "An Lan and Yu Tuo, two ancient ancestors, wrote a decree and gave it to my teacher to open it in the desert, and my teacher gave it to me." Wu Tianwang said. By Master, he means the immortal who enlightens the people! The people around could not help but gasp when they heard it. Did you come with the decree? Even the great men of foreign lands were moved, and even they did not know. Yes Heavenly King Wu nodded and said, "According to the calculation, the time is up. I'm going to ask for a decree." Brush! Everybody back up and make way for him. In a flash of light, an altar appeared in this place. It was very mysterious and ancient. It was carved from a skull and had existed for a long time. Wu Feng's hands glowed, and a golden decree suddenly appeared in his hands. He knelt down, piously, and put it on the altar, then quickly backed up. Boom! At this moment, the world is shaking, and an indescribable breath is overwhelming! Even in the sky, the great elder Meng Tianzheng, gold shaking table ,mineral flotation, who was holding a fairy vessel, and others were all shocked, showing a dignified look and saying to themselves, "That's.." In the desert, the altar carved from the skull gave off a strange luster, spewing out mysterious essence from the seven orifices and falling on the decree. The golden decree suddenly became more brilliant, and then it was ignited! Boom! Shaking the desert, trembling outside the Imperial Pass. Golden Dharma burning, one after another ancient words appear, flying to Tianyuan, and accompanied by two grand voices, as if there are two supreme figures questioning Tianyuan! "Oh, my God, this is." "Are Anlan and Yutuo talking to Tianyuan?!" Chapter 1397 rebuke the sky. This scene, so that everyone is in a daze, from the bottom of my heart feel shocked, the two ancient ancestors of the foreign land are talking with Tianyuan? On the ground, the skull was three feet high, black as black jade, and the seven orifices, such as mouth, nose and eye sockets, spewed out essence and turned into a mysterious flame, burning the golden decree constantly, making it more and more brilliant. Wait a minute, how can there be a breath of immortality in that skull? Nine days here, there are many people jumpy, the skull must have a big background, but it was carved and refined into an altar. However, it is more eerie breath, like being eroded, flowing with mysterious power, seven orifices spraying divine fire, very terrible and amazing. People know that once this flame burns to the people, it will directly burn them to ashes. Because, as you can see, the nearby void is burning, extracting the secret power of the universe, all caused by this black skull! And it is precisely because of this that the temperature of the flame is so terrible that it can burn the golden paper and make the words on it leap into the abyss. Ou Ma Ni Da De. In the abyss of heaven, golden symbols appeared one after another, branded there, making a grand sound, like three thousand ancient Buddhas chanting sutras, and like three thousand demons shouting, too shocking. Too terrible, this voice contains the supreme majesty, in the rebuke of Tianyuan, seems to be discussing some kind of cause and effect with it! Everyone is frightened, an Lan, Yu Tuo two ancient ancestors how against the day, unexpectedly can be like this, a decree, can be so. At this moment, many exotic creatures kneel down, involuntarily, from the submission of the soul, kowtow here, worship. Nine days and ten days on this side, even if people do not want to, but there are many people can not help, legs weak, soul trembling, to kneel down. This is a kind of pressure, like a weak beast, when it sees the king of beasts, it is born with awe and has to submit. Nope Some people roared, never willing to bow, do not want to kneel down, spurting a mouthful of blood, let oneself stand there straight. However,Portable gold trommel, the physical body has betrayed their bodies, and they must bow down, and their legs gradually bend out of control.