Box Sword Congealing

The door was wide open, and at the same time there was no way out behind it, blocked by the trunk of the tree. Wan Wu flies a foot,


The door was wide open, and at the same time there was no way out behind it, blocked by the trunk of the tree. Wan Wu flies a foot, in time close to the attack, "poof" a kick in the left rib of the small shadow, the small shadow fell. Wan Wu is overjoyed "I caught one, too.." he said with a wild laugh. Before he had finished speaking, he suddenly felt a heavy blow on his vest, a "buzz" on his forehead, a black in front of his eyes, and a weak attack all over his body. Fall on the body of the shadow, consciousness is not lost, but has been numb all over, lost activity. The little shadow struggled, but could not stand. Can only throw on the body of Wan Wu lifted, then lost the strength of the struggle. Down from the tree floated a tall black ghost, with a black hood showing only his eyes, and a long black robe tucked in his belt, in his bosom. Bulging, carrying a sword on his back. The sky is too dark, if not close to Zhang, even if the ghost here slightly move, Zhang outside the people can not. Found his figure. Wan Wen released the captured little shadow and hurried closer, shouting, "Second brother.". Let's take the man away quickly. When there was no response, he thought that his younger brother was probably tying up the captives, and without looking into the shadow, he ran straight into the tall dark shadow. Wan Wu,manganese beneficiation plant, who was still conscious, suddenly shouted with all his strength: "Big Brother.." Heart.. Wan Wen was close to the shadow eight feet to the left. When he heard the sound, he saw the tall shadow. He stepped up in horror and flashed to the side, drawing his sword. "Who is it?" He shouted? You The shadow flashed and suddenly disappeared. Behind Big Brother. Cried Wan Wusha. Wan Wen jumped forward in horror and turned around. Behind him, the shadows just stopped, still less than eight feet apart. Hey, hey, hey. The shadow gave out a sharp and horrible laugh, which made people smell it. Horrified, Wan Wen left his captives behind. "Are you a man or a ghost?" He shouted? Answer me. The shadow stood motionless and answered only with a harsh smile,gold CIP machine, which was extremely spooky. Wan Wen felt cold in the bottom of his heart. Just now the shadow's terrible dodging method looked like a person? It is impossible for people to reach such a fast state. Yes, only ghosts and demons can do it. In a panic, he raised his left hand and hit three throwing knives. As soon as the shadow's hands vibrated, his big sleeves opened and closed, and the three throwing knives disappeared like mud cattle into the sea. "Barking," he let out a roar of courage, and his body and sword joined together to pounce on him and fight. The shadow flashed to the left and evaded the point of the sword. He was not reconciled, and then a strong courage, step by step, even attack as many as eight swords, one sword after another, step by step, such as ruthless moves. The Yangtze River is rolling out, and the sword is like a heavy net of swords, attacking the shadow crazily. The black image is an invisible ghost, fluttering, wandering and flashing in front of the sword's shadow, which is like a flood, and can not be triggered in crisis. It seems that every sword has penetrated into the body of the shadow, sodium cyanide price ,gold cil machine, but in fact, it has worked in vain. Every seal is not enough to reach the part, and there is no surprise. Risk. At this moment, the eight swords were exhausted, the shadow light retreated eight feet, then moved sideways, and changed face to face. More and more panic in his heart, more and more sure that the shadow is a ghost, the ghost is irresistible, tonight really met a ghost. Come on! He let out a long cry for help, and at the same time he attacked the ninth sword in the long whistle, and rushed forward with all his strength. The shadow waited for the tip of the sword to get close to him, twisted his upper body, cut the man from the side of the sword, and slanted the sword with a throwing knife in his left hand. Throw your right hand and take advantage of the situation. Is a palm, like a flash of lightning, palm up and down, "poof" a split in the back of his neck, the force is very heavy, such as by a thousand pounds. Hit by the giant hammer, I can only feel the turn of heaven and earth, and my throat is sweet. Without waiting for him to react, the second slap came, this time on his vest, and his forward body could not stop. Tingjian buried his head and rushed forward. "Bang!" The dandruff hit the tree trunk at the same time, and he fainted before a sound came out. Of these two palms Ruthless, quick, accurate, impeccable, and as good as it gets. There was a sound of running away in the distance, and someone came. The shadow quickly untied Shuangjie's belt, knocked them unconscious and hung them in a tree, picked up two small shadows, and drilled into the forest. In a flash. Yue Lin lost a few people, how can she just walk away? In the dark night, the enemy is dark and I am bright, people and places are unfamiliar, and they dare not dare to search. Some people are afraid and at a loss. Only after a long night did they dare to search the nearby luxuriant forest and grass in groups. Finally, they found the three men who had been responsible for breaking the back, sleeping in the grass at the bottom of the road ditch, and the sleeping hole was made. Already, the body is not injured. As for Wanshi Shuangjie, he was not so lucky. He was not only wounded, but also hung upside down. Someone must be sent to carry it. Go. Of the other four wounded, one was badly injured, his shoulders were pierced by a hidden weapon, and his eyebrows were pierced by tiny beads. Hidden weapon hit, so faint. Apart from Wanshi Shuangjie, who knew that there were two women and a terrible shadow last night, other people knew nothing about these rivers and lakes. Heroes with heads and faces in the world were made to look dusty and angry, and their hearts were full of anger and fear. Afraid of the mood, hurriedly stepped on the dawn to Qiupu. The shadow took the two little shadows to a cave three miles away, lit up Song Ming, and murmured to them, "You two!" Nonsense, knowing that you can't do it, what kind of hero? Miss my big event. Where are the acupoints controlled? Say it quickly. "My dovetail acupoint has been made. Please help me to solve the acupoint by shaking the acupoint." A small shadow said that it was in Erlangpu Tea Pavilion. One of the two village women dressed up as a village woman to spy on the news. My Sasuke got kicked. It's bad. Another village woman said. The shadow did not take off the hood, took a small package, while untying one side said: "The wound does not matter, I have the best wound." Medicine, ask your companion to use the eight methods of massage to evacuate the congestion,portable gold wash plant, and it will soon recover. You two have very familiar accents. "Oh!"! Aren't you brother Ai? Your accent.. The village girl who was made a dovetail hole is called. Eh! You You are Yin Hong Xiao Xiaomao. The shadow exclaimed and pulled down the hood. The shadow pulled down his hood. It was Ai Wenci. He untied the acupoint for Yin Hong in a hurry. He said with a wry smile, "Your disguise is really easy for guests." Very clever, no wonder the nickname is hidden red. You're giving yourself a hard time. It's killing you. That one must be Xiaoqiu. Take her place quickly. Take the medicine and massage. I'll get some water. 。