Asking for love + series

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"Is the swordsman telling his disciples that whether they are sentimental or not, they are all false?" Tonight, the swordsman's "Zen machine" is obviously beyond words.

"Is the swordsman telling his disciples that whether they are sentimental or not, they are all false?" Tonight, the swordsman's "Zen machine" is obviously beyond words. " Because the disciple has no heart? "You just look at the world with a smile and draw a distance line. Before this line, no one or anything can enter your heart." "An unintentional distance." Su Shaochu propped up the side of his skull, and then burst into a somewhat stubborn smile. So Does the swordsman think you are outside or inside the line? Is the disciple talking to you across the line? "Replying to your question is a trap for you." Master Mingzong dropped another key piece on the chessboard in response to the words of distraction that this extremely intelligent disciple wanted to do. The outcome of this game will be clear! "Alas!"! "The swordsman has the intention to make a move, leaving no room for his disciples." In this chess game tonight, the swordsman clearly intended to lead her to a deadlock step by step, so as to frustrate her spirit. It's better for him to leave no leeway for you today than for him to do something. It's a pity that the teacher didn't warn you. He reminded the apprentice in front of him. Don't forget, if you lose this game, you won't go down to Meixiu Mountain or step into the Central Plains in three years. In tonight's chess game, Ming Zong's swordsman and his disciples played an agreed game. Is the swordsman afraid that his disciple will die in the future because of his'unintentional love '? The swordsman once estimated that if she entered the Central Plains again within three years, she would not be able to escape her fate. I'm afraid that if you have no intention of feeling, but play with your feelings, you will eventually bring doom to yourself. Her character dominated the fate. The swordsman once said that the disciple's talent is the best to change against the trend and reverse a game. The swordsman should believe that if the disciple really meets, there is a way to get through it. "The most unpredictable thing in the world is people's hearts. No matter how changeable the world is, how can it win the change of people's hearts? Today you have the ability to grasp the situation, which does not mean that the Ming Dynasty is still your world." "Swordsman, in a game of great disparity in strength, no matter today or in the Ming Dynasty, it is not what the disciple wants. It is the best way to grasp the opportunity at the moment. The way out is to change from the adverse situation, just like at this moment." Su Shaochu raised his hand again, sacrificed several pieces on the chessboard, and did not have an advantage, but skillfully pinned down every step the opponent was going to take. You want to turn this chess game into a draw? After looking at the chess situation,tin beneficiation plant, Master Mingzong seemed to smile. Or maybe it delayed the time of losing, but the disciple knew that the swordsman would not go on in this game. "Chuer is so sure?" Su Shaochu blinked his eyes, and it was rare for him to have a mischievous smile on his elders. Who taught the disciple to be good at playing with affection? He believed that the swordsman would never have the heart to force Chuer to finish the'agreed game '. "As a teacher, even if you are trapped by a chess game today, Mei Xiushan will not be able to trap you for three years." He knew very well what the disciple was capable of. It should be said that according to the character of the disciple, he has been trapped in Meixiu Mountain for three years, and is full of resentment. Su Shaochu cleared his throat. Master Jian, my disciple never wants to disturb your old man's peace. "A teacher should be moved by your filial piety?" "Where, can let the swordsman move, the disciple also feels that tonight's nerve-racking is worth it." She took it for granted. I hope the swordsman will remember the disciple's filial piety. In the future, when the disciple misses you in the Central Plains, he will go out for a walk and explore the disciple. "You even want to calculate your master's ability?" As a disciple, he did not come to visit the master, Carbon in Pulp ,coltan ore processing, but asked the master to take care of the disciple. The disciple just thought that the swordsman's elegant demeanor should not be left moldy on the mountain, and that more walks should be left for more people to admire. Elegant demeanor, elegant demeanor, always want to cross a wind, Jin Cai exerts force, just call elegant demeanor. As a teacher, I can only appreciate your filial piety. "Even if the disciple is going to be destroyed, the swordsman will have the heart to let him die!" "As a teacher, you know very well how many points you can achieve in the martial arts you have been taught. Nothing can really destroy your power. What you have is only your hidden self." Master Ming Zong looked at this extremely intelligent disciple, but he had a heart that was the most difficult to see. The best way to deal with your heartless disciples is to advance step by step and never give them a chance to reverse. "Swordsman, you must be the last disciple in the world who dares to fight. How cruel you are!" "In the eyes of the teacher, the heartless intentional person and the affectionate unintentional person carry out these two things incisively and vividly, which is called ruthless.". ” "Isn't the disciple an affectionate and intentional giver?" "You will be when your heart and feelings stop deceiving each other." In the face of the confused and curious eyebrows, Master Ming Zongjian sighed: "You are unemotional. When you are emotional, you even deceive yourself." Chapter 1 Put a point of pride, gallop heaven and earth, it is difficult to see the sky leisurely. Give up one point of tenderness, play the world, and see the vicissitudes of the world. The world of mortals, the years flow; the moon is speechless, the words are hard to rest. Far away in Jianghu, where is the pride? Misty rain rivers and mountains, pour tenderness to whom? Don't talk about joys and sorrows. The world grows old together. Why not travel in heaven and earth and drink a thousand cups of wine in the world of mortals? Shaochu, is it fun to drink there? A beautiful young girl sat in a small pavilion, holding her cheeks, looking at a branch growing across the lake in front of her, surrounded by green leaves like a small platform, a young man in simple but elegant clothes lying on it with his feet folded leisurely, playing the pipa with the afternoon breeze to amuse himself. Drink for pleasure. With a rare blush on his elegant and handsome face, he picked up the flagon stuck between the branches from one side, opened his lips and looked up to drink. The lake, the wine, the music and the joy all make me happy. Wiping the wine stains on her lips, she folded her feet and shook the branches, as if she had been very leisurely, but the girl in the pavilion frowned. The unruly youth is actually a girl. She has always been used to doing whatever she wants with her juvenile posture. She has long stopped putting the ethics of gender into her heart, and she is free and easy. You're not drunk! No matter how good her capacity for liquor is, she has drunk enough today, and she really thinks that she is not drunk in a thousand cups! "If I were drunk, I would have fallen into the lake." "Oh." Yan Shanshan held her cheeks in her hands and blinked her beautiful eyes. What she didn't say was,Carbon in Pulp, "If you weren't drunk, you wouldn't be sitting there!"! "Brother Tong, don't forget your promise and let me drink all the wine of Tongjia Village." 。