The most complete PID legend of pressure pipeline in history

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Original Title: The Most Complete PID Legend of Pressure Piping in History D AODU Guided reading Piping is one of the most common and essential devices in chemical plants,cbd crystallization equipment, and its complexity often makes people dizzy. Today,rotary vacuum evaporator, we have sorted out more than 200 PID legends of pressure pipes. Remember these legends not only so that you can understand the pipe layout, nutsche filter dryer ,wiped film distillation, but more importantly, it is more convenient for designers to draw! Name Symbol Main process pipelines Expand the full text Secondary process lines Buried pipeline Jacketed pipeline Insulated pipeline Heat tracing line Electric heat tracing pipeline Flow direction of medium in pipe In and out of the station Hose Pipeline crossing Head Flange cover High pressure relief valve Low pressure relief valve Solenoid valve Electric Gate Valve Electric Ball Valve Pneumatic valve Hydraulic Valve Electro-hydraulic linkage valve Pneumatic-hydraulic valve Self-operated type with external pressure tapping Pre-valve pressure regulation Safety shut-off valve Stop Valve For DN ≥ 50 For DN 50 Gate Valve Ball valve Butterfly Valve Check valve Plug Valve Three way valve Four-way Valve Angle Valve Pressure reducing valve Orifice valve Safety backflow valve Closed spring safety valve Control Valve Fault automatic open Fault automatic closing Automatic fault lockout (In last position) Look at the window The glass tube looks at the window Manual refueling gun (column) Orifice plate Blind plate between pipes Spectacle blind Funnel Concentric Reducer Eccentric reducer Conical filter Y-filter Filter Steam Trap Flame Arrestor Loading and unloading crane pipe Horizontal separator Vertical LPG vaporizer Horizontal inclined plate oil outlet Pigging indicator Mixer Insulating flange Insulated joint Pigging tee Tank agitator In-tank rotary jet mixer Fixed roof tank Internal floating roof tank External floating roof tank Spherical tank Horizontal tank With heating tank Cyclone separator Vertical separator Floating head heat exchanger Vent riser Torch Pig receiver and launcher Weighing scale (weighbridge) Centrifugal pump or vortex pump Pipeline pump (vertical pump) Vertical sump pump Gear pump (screw pump) Immersion pump Hand pump Water ring vacuum pump Electric reciprocating compressor Electric centrifugal compressor Centrifugal compressor driven by gas turbine Tubular heating furnace Glass plate (tube) level gauge Analysis A Flow rate F Differential pressure transmitter PDT Speed transmitter ST Vibration transmitter VT Turbine with flow transmitter, Vortex flow meter Orifice plate Mass flow meter Volumetric flow meter (FE stands for flow detection element) Ultrasonic flow meter (FT stands for flow transmitter) Averaging Pitot tube flowmeter Flow rectifier Volumetric flow meter with flow accumulation indication Flow meter Degasifier Degassing filter Process connection line Air pressure signal line Hydraulic signal line Electrical signal line Vibration transmitter VT Temperature probe (bushing) TW Detection element E Low level switch LSL Low low level switch LSLL High level switch LSH High High Level Switch LSHH (Pressure) temperature control valve (P)TV Low alarm AL Low-low alarm ALL High alarm AH Call the police high AHH Indicate the controller IC Temperature indication Pressure indication Differential pressure indication Differential pressure recording PDR Flow indication FI Traffic record FR Level indication LI Flow indication totalization (instrumentation installed directly in the pipeline) 45 º elbow to tee 90º elbow to 45º Any angle Simmer bend 45º 90º Radius of curvature only Tee Concentric reducer Eccentric reducer Flange Union Protective casing Overlapping pipeline Cross line Flow direction of medium in pipe Pipeline slope direction and gradient 90º elbow 45 º elbow Elbow at any angle Pipe cap Hose connection Quick Coupler Threaded connection Plug General support (hanger) Pipe support pier (frame) with movable pipes Supporting pipe pier (frame) with guide pipe Pipe support pier (frame) with fixed pipe Flat pipe bracket Riser bracket Blind plate Spectacle blind Orifice plate Restriction orifice plate Flat head Elliptical head Instrument nozzle Threaded stop valve Flanged check valve Threaded check valve Flanged ball valve Threaded ball valve Plug Valve Pressure reducing valve Enclosed spring safety valve Flanged butterfly valve Flanged motor-operated gate valve Flanged electric stop valve Bend pipe bracket Flanged gate valve Threaded gate valve Flanged stop valve Welded ball valve Flanged high pressure relief valve Flanged low pressure relief valve Flanged orifice valve Flanged safety shut-off valve Flanged safety return valve Flanged bevel gear drive gate valve Flanged Spur Gear Drive Gate Valve Drain Valve Suction foot valve Mesh filter (flange) Cone filter (flange) Y-filter (Flange) (Thread) Cartridge filter Flanged indicating flowmeter Flanged electric ball valve Flange connection electro-hydraulic linkage valve Flanged pneumatic-hydraulic valve Flange connected solenoid valve Flanged regulating ball valve Corrugated compensator Insulating flange Insulated joint Metal hose Look at the window Center elevation of pipe (pipe fitting and valve) Elevation of pipe bottom Elevation of pipe top Elevation of buildings and structures Floor elevation Ground Concrete Pier Platforms and steps Flanged flame arrestor Flanged glass tubes Grille Natural soil section ground Reinforced concrete 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