Pick up a God to cultivate and accept.

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In the few seconds he was distracted, a "game over" popped up on the screen of his mobile phone. Natsukawa tutted and reopened, but perhaps he was absent-minded and soon died again. He simply quit the game,

It's funny to say that three hundred years ago he fought with the Master in the realm of cultivation. He killed many people and saw many corpses and broken arms, but none of them was as shocking as this one. Even though he was in a coma, Nalanjue still had a nightmare and shouted the name of Hua 17. But after a few months of getting along, they turned out to be a fake play, and they couldn't let go of this little brother. In this world, the best way to raise the soul is to raise it with the living soul! The flower seventeen floating in the sea of consciousness is sober, or he is sober from beginning to end, but now the intermittent memory is more complete, but he does not know whether to cry or laugh, the flower asked the sea to save him, let him live, but did not teach him how to live, be loved or used as a container, all this is really happening. But Hua 17 did not feel wrong, even if he was innocent, so what? Life and death, the simplest thing is not up to you, what else can you expect? If he had not been born in the world, there would have been a lot less resentment in this time. As soon as this idea came out, the sea of consciousness of the flower seventeen set off waves, he did not know why to struggle,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, perhaps he was just unwilling, that owed a lot, did not fulfill the promise, even though he inherited the memory of God, but he was only a person in the end, with his own selfishness, scattered eyes to re-condense the spirit, pure purple spread the whole sea of consciousness. Only Hua 17's feet were clean,D BHB Factory, the sunset flowers on the sea were blooming on the sea, the little children in the bud were curled up into a ball, strange people, strange eyebrows and eyes, Hua 17 crouched down and looked at his reflection, and after a while he stood up straight, his naked white feet trampled over the sea of flowers, and his thorny roots plunged into his flesh. Let the blood become the nutrient of these flowers. Sorry, I can't let you go out, but I won't let you alone, I will accompany you, sleep with you in this sea of flowers! The word does not say absolutely, the flower 17 has seen Su Lanchen, so he will not say easily, Lactoferrin Manufacturer ,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, between them already is not a love and hate can say clearly, the boundless cold from a glance can not see the end of the edge began to freeze, the flower 17 step out of a step, pushed himself into the bud, just that old friend asserted that he naturally knew how to do, ah, There is no better way in this world than to raise the soul with the soul, although it is nothing more than a life for a life! "Don't wait. There's no point in waiting any longer." Nalanjue's hands were wrapped in balls, her long hair was not tied up, and she walked out of the rain in a coir raincoat. She looked rather funny, but a solitary sail could not laugh. Her fists were so strong that her nails were broken and her palms were not scarred. How could the body of a demigod be compared with an ordinary body? How difficult it was to hurt it! "I must wait for him to be safe." Ye Gufan's words made Nalanjue silent. This man was not like this before. The death of the younger martial brother really changed many people. Thinking of this, Nalanjue looked down at her hands. What qualifications did she have to say about others? She herself had changed a lot. I'll stay with you. I can't sleep anyway. When Nalanjue thought of her change, she suddenly realized that she could not remember what she had been like in the past. A snowflake was blown down on the tip of Nalanjue's nose, and the old scene was in front of her eyes. The young man pretended to be romantic and bent his fingers to scrape her nose, but his eyebrows and eyes turned into the tender appearance of 17 flowers, only to hear a crisp "Elder Martial Sister!" Nalanjue closed her eyes and endured the sharp pain in her heart. The matter had come to this point, and they had no choice! Chapter 27 and Jun. 、 Another year of flowering was just right, and the small white tea was blooming all over the courtyard. At a glance, the deep and shallow waves of flowers looked like snow falling in winter. In the fifth season of late spring and early summer, Tianque Pavilion, with the name of Qilou, was officially established in the realm of cultivation. The people who came to flatter and want to form an alliance came round after round, and the rare treasures borrowed by the sorcerer changed batch after batch. The cultivation of a solitary sail has risen again and again, and now it is also a demigod. Nalanjue's hiding is full of one after another, but all this is no better than the wind and grass of the two masters and disciples in the small courtyard. Master, why don't I have a name? Hua 17 wrote his name on the rice paper, and wrote another name on another piece of paper. After looking at it for a while, he grabbed two pieces of paper and ran to Yao Hua Yingque, who was enjoying the cool under the tree in the yard. He was a little aggrieved and held his mouth. The brothers and sisters all had names, and the man in the dream also had a name. Why was he the only one who had no name? Who said no? Come on, I'll write it for you. Yao Hua Ying Que quietly took away the piece of paper on which Su Lan Chen was written, rubbed Hua 17's head, sat up straight, took his hand and wrote it in the palm of his hand. He didn't want Hua 17 to use the word, but he also knew that some things could not be concealed. It was better for him to tell it frankly than to suspect it at random. Gathering the soul, burying the bones, this is your word. In a short sentence, there seemed to be a heavy weight on Hua 17's chest, stuffy and breathless. What was he resisting? To Yao Hua Ying Que's smiling eyes, Hua 17 involuntarily wanted to retreat. He didn't like such a master. The instinct of his body was faster than his brain. At the moment of lifting his feet, Hua 17 had rushed into Yao Hua Ying Que's arms. Mmm! Pain! Hua 17 covered her nose and looked up from the master's arms with tears in her eyes. She complained silently. Yao Hua Ying Que put up with it. After all, she couldn't hold back her smile and bent her lips. Looking at Hua 17's pitiful little expression, Yao Hua Ying Que reached out and pinched Hua 17's nose, as if she was confirming something. It took her a long time to sit up straight and pat Hua 17 on the head with a straight face. It's all right. It's the master's fault. It's all because the master's chest is too hard. He touched the nose of my 17. The master must eat more in the future to make himself fat. The meat is soft and then hit 17. Later, Yao Hua Yingque himself felt that he had spoiled the little disciple too much. In a fit of pique, Hua 17 bit the sleeve of the master and grinded his teeth hard. This scene was just caught by Nalanjue, who came in with a medicinal diet. She was dressed in a sky-blue dress,Kava Root Extract, wearing a ring when she walked around. Her long hair was simply coiled behind her head, and a Jasper hairpin was worn behind her head to make people's eyes shine. You were born in the year of the dog. Why do you bite everything? Master's clothes are all bitten by you. Elder Martial Sister will sew clothes later, but she can't play with you. 。 pioneer-biotech.com