Legend of Little Soldier

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"The Star Zero base in the capital of the Wanluo Federation has been occupied!" Although both of them have their own bodies,caustic calcined magnesite, it is normal for them to panic when they know that their base, which has existed for hundreds of years, is about to be destroy

Seeing his monarch shaking his head crazily, the officers and soldiers beside Stewart hid aside for fear of being angry. When the commanders of the Twelve Allied Forces saw the Tang Army, their faces all changed. They were not idiots. They knew that the Tang Army had appeared here. That is to say, hundreds of thousands of troops attacking the Tang Dynasty had either surrendered or been annihilated. Look at the other side's forces, and then look at their own forces, the heart is filled with a feeling of uneasiness, although the forces have the upper hand, but the other side put out hundreds of thousands of armed satellites, experienced they all know that this thing is very difficult to deal with. And the most terrible thing is that the other side of the terrible mobile fortress also came, it is simply unable to win things ah. Because of the rush of time, the military insignia on the warship was not washed off, so it was soon discovered. When a commander suddenly shouted, "Oh, my God!"! Why are the troops in the star field standing together with the Tang Dynasty? All the commanders' hearts sank, and at the same time a word came to their minds: "It's over!" The Mandun Star Field Department in the rear area has taken refuge in the Tang Dynasty. Can it not be finished if it is caught in the middle? Seeing that the other side stopped fighting, Tang Long, who felt that it was tasteless, opened the full-frequency communication and shouted: "I tell you that the anti-Tang alliance's invasion of the Tang Dynasty is over. The full star field has joined us. The Qinghai star field is being captured by our army. I believe it will soon be completely occupied. The whole anti-Tang alliance is left with your crescent moon star field!"! "Now, I, Tang Long, order you to surrender immediately, or you will be destroyed!" Zhang Guanhua,Magnesium Oxide price, who arrived just at this time, immediately cleverly used full-frequency communication to report to Tang Long: "Master, our army has subdued all the stars in Qinghai, and is now coming to support them." "Ha ha, just said to occupy Qinghai, well done!" Tang Long laughed proudly. Then he raised his hand and ordered, "The whole army is ready for artillery fire. Prepare to shoot at my command!" In order to enhance Tang Long's momentum, the Silver Armor Fortress immediately revealed thirty thousand secondary guns,Magnesium Oxide powder, and the huge main gun in the middle also revealed a ferocious muzzle, and began to fill with energy. As for other Tang warships, of course, they also moved their guns, and all the fighters took off, and began to do all kinds of difficult movements around the warships. You know, this opportunity to show up in front of the supreme commander of the Tang Dynasty is very rare. We We are willing to surrender! The commander of the twelve-nation coalition, without much thought, said at once. Escape? Come on, can't you see we're all surrounded? Where can I escape to? You can't run away. Resistance? Are you kidding? Don't you see that the main gun of the fortress with a diameter of tens of kilometers is aimed here? Not to mention being hit directly, even if you rub a little edge, you will be directly gasified, but you haven't lived enough. After a minute or two of hesitation in the fleet of Tiele, a soldier with the rank of colonel, apparently an adjutant, appeared on the screen. Although he was surprised that Tang Long was young and that Tang Long did not have a military uniform, Magnesium Oxide price ,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, he saluted Tang Long and said, "Tiele surrenders to Your Excellency." Where is Stuart? Why didn't he come to announce his surrender? Tang Long asked, frowning. The adjutant glanced sideways and said with some embarrassment, "Your Majesty.." Crazy When Tang Long heard this, he also heard a voiceover from outside the screen, which seemed to be struggling and hoarse: "No!"! I will not fail! I am the king of the universe! Tang Long was stupefied for a moment, but he shook his head regretfully and said to the adjutant, "It's a pity. I hope Your Majesty will get better as soon as possible.". All right, let the warships disarm and wait for our country to be incorporated. "Yes, sir." After the adjutant saluted, he cut off the communication. Looking at his anxious appearance, I'm afraid it was because his majesty's endurance was so poor that he felt shy. Seeing that the war was over, Tang Long told Lewis Hui and other three people to temporarily manage these star fields, and then drove the fortress back to Zhongzhou Star. Now the territory to go to is the Tang Dynasty, and Tang Long was relieved to use the space jump. Tang Long, who returned to Zhongzhou Star, suddenly found that among the people who came to greet him, besides Yuna, there were two beautiful women standing at the head of the team. One is Star Zero, the other is Tang Xing, who has been away from Tang for more than a year, and of course, the little black cat lying on Tang Xing's shoulder, which is still pitifully small. Wow, sister, you're back! Tang Long pounced on him with a happy face and hugged Tang Xing, while the little black cat jumped onto Tang Long's shoulder with a meow. He patted Tang Long's face discontentedly and said, "I'm back, too. Why don't you welcome me?" Tang Long, who just wanted to make out with the little black cat, was pushed away by Tang Xing, but Tang Xing still held one hand of Tang Long, and Star Zero also came forward to hold the other hand of Tang Long. Tang Long, who was stunned, found that there was no smile on the faces of the two beauties, but a serious face. He couldn't help asking, "What's wrong with you?" Tang Xing and Xing Ling looked at each other, nodded, then looked at Tang Long and said at the same time, "We hope you can send troops to the Wanluo Federation!" "What!" Tang Long and Yuna, the people around them, heard this and exclaimed at the same time. Text Episode 21 Dark Trap nbsp; nbsp; Chapter 1 Intelligence Chief "Ah!"! What the hell is going on here? Tang Long asked in surprise. Tang Xing said to fight, not surprising, star zero this very submissive woman actually said to fight, what happened in the end? Others also had the idea of Tang Long, so they all listened with bated breath to the answers of Tang Xing and Xing Zero. When Tang Xing heard this, he immediately knocked Tang Long on the head and shouted, "What's wrong?"? My home is occupied by others! What did you say? Star Zero said anxiously, "The Star Zero base in the capital of the Wanluo Federation has been occupied!" Although both of them have their own bodies,caustic calcined magnesite, it is normal for them to panic when they know that their base, which has existed for hundreds of years, is about to be destroyed. Star Zero Base? 。 stargrace-magnesite.com