Tianxiang Biao-Wolongsheng _ txt Novel Paradise

The old ghost smiled coldly and said, "Don't flatter yourself, old man. I'll send you on your way when Shuihan is alone." He stepped forward and suddenly hit him with a slap. Pang Shichong burst out laughing,endless pool swim spa, and his body flashed. He circled ar


Although Gu Hanxiang's blood was surging and her heart was beating wildly, her mind was still calm and she was not blinded by greed at all. However, she was eager to avenge Hu Bailing and trapped herself in a group of devils with evil intentions and high martial arts. If she didn't find a way out early, she would be swallowed up by the devils sooner or later. And she knew that no one could really help her. Or Gu Hanxiang herself. She looks so cruel! Lotus foot warped place, a move "riprap collapse cloud", flying kick ghost old water cold face door, both hands hold up the sky, congealed twelve successful strength, suddenly to the man who jumped down in the air to push alone. Just listen to "Bang!" There was a huge shock, and it turned out to be Kui Qiu and Pang Shichong who took a hard palm. Demon Wu only saw Gu Hanxiang double palm push, immediately a twist across the air, to avoid her palm force, one side of the jump laughed: "Girl, quickly step aside. The big thing is all on Wu Du to ensure that you won't be disappointed." Like a man who has reached the peak of his skill, Gu Hanxiang pushed him with both palms, and his strength was naturally known by his eyes. As a result, he could not see the enemy at first sight, so he immediately changed his posture and threw himself on the left side of Gu Hanxiang. Gui Lao Shuihan did not grasp Gu Hanxiang's feet, but was kicked by her leg, and saw a hundred points of green shadows coming, forcing his toes to fall and retreat five feet. Instead of being angry, he laughed and glanced at the demon Wu alone on his left side. Suddenly, he turned to the right and shot like an arrow. These two people, one up and one down, are acting like the wind, not to mention the "Cold Yin Divine Skill", in terms of flying skills alone, they are also top-notch kungfu. At this time,endless swim spa, the sound of dull thunder coming from the entrance of the cave was still tight for a while, and the gravel at the entrance of the cave was pouring out, accumulating higher and higher, and it was bound to close the entrance for another moment. As soon as Gu Hanxiang's slender waist was broken, his palms flew over, and he met the two men on his left and right respectively. In his heart, he thought to himself, "Within this mountainside, the cave house must be very wide. If the three wonderful scholars were really smart, they would never open only one door." When she thought of this,hot tub manufacturers, she could not help exclaiming to herself, "Big brother!"! Eldest brother! Your fragrant younger sister is a tiger on the left and a wolf on the right. She will give up her life, but she is also unable to do what she wants. For today's plan, she can only take risks. As for the success or failure of life and death, it all depends on your mind! Thought, has been with the human demon, the ghost old to dismantle seven strokes, two people can not bear to hurt her, want to capture her, it is not easy. But two people also made up their minds, as long as she is not allowed to have a chance to slow down, a little delay, after the hole is blocked, naturally do not worry about her drilling into heaven and earth. However, when he saw Gu Hanxiang alone, his eyes were about to crack and his heart was about to be broken. After a round of fierce beating, he finally caught a gap, got rid of Pang Shichong, and rushed to attack the old ghost Shuihan. Gu Hanxiang did not neglect again, massage bathtub manufacturers ,jacuzzi suppliers, both hands circle, even split four palms, did not wait for the devil Wu alone and Pang Shi rushed close, twisted the waist a scurrying, instant eyes into the hole. As soon as they saw Gu Hanxiang getting into the hole, they couldn't help turning pale with horror. Poisonous fire on one side, Yin Shou Yi Mo and others also came to the hole. For a moment, the situation was chaotic, as if heaven and earth had collapsed. Demon Wu Du and Pang Shichong both shot, but did not catch Gu Hanxiang. Pang Shichong saw that there was still a gap of one or two feet in the hole. He gritted his teeth and bent over to drill into the hole. Just then, a dull thunder-like sound, carrying a stream of sand and dust, gushed out from the mouth of the cave. Pang Shichong's body was slightly stagnant, and as soon as his body was raised, he went in through the gap and suddenly felt a sharp pain in his legs and his body was thrown out. It turned out that after Gu Hanxiang got into the hole, there was no other action except looking at each other, but he was so crazy that he rushed to the hole, but he was half a step slower. As soon as he saw Pang Shichong blocking the hole, his hands sank, and he grabbed his legs and threw back. Kui Qiu was delirious, and his hands were so strong that he grabbed them casually, and all his fingers were inserted into Pang Shichong's legs. The fresh spring gushed, and the roots of his fingers were dyed red. Pang Shichong suddenly suffered a sharp pain, and he could not help being furious. Before he could throw him out of his hand, he had already broken his waist and hit him with one hand. The palm was solid, and it hit Qiu on the shoulder, making a sound of "lotus" in his throat, and he fell down on the rocks. "Brother Shui and Brother Wu," said Poisonous Fire Chengquan in a harsh voice, "leave everything aside for the time being. First, chop up the old thief who humiliated the Wulin of the Central Plains and made our heroes of the Central Plains fail to rise in a day for thirty years!" "Good," said Wu Du, the demon, with a wild laugh! Since Brother Cheng has this intention, it would be too proud for Brother Shui and his brothers to insist on dealing with Pang Shichong alone. As he spoke, he rolled and crawled from the ground to the entrance of the cave, but finally he slowed down a step, and a stream of gravel and sand blocked the entrance of the cave. Pang Shichong's eyes were blood-red, and his hands kept scratching at the entrance of the cave, scratching the stones that blocked the entrance of the cave and flying straight behind him, but it was obvious that the cave was still collapsing. He was busy for a long time, and the hole was filled as it went, but there was still no gap. Just then, Bao Jiufeng came at a gallop. His face was pale and colorless, while the maid in Tsing Yi was full of tears and sweated profusely. Bao Jiufeng ran to the approach, slightly looked at the scenery of the cave entrance, immediately waved his hand, with the two teams of three-handed strange people, turned around and flew away. On the other side, Poisonous Fire Chengquan listened to the cunning words of the human demon Wu Du, and put the responsibility of jointly dealing with Pang Shichong on his own head. With a sneer, he floated forward and stood with the human demon Wu Du and the ghost old Shuihan in a "T" shape. He surrounded Pang Shichong in the center and said with a sneer, "Old Pang, you have been famous in the Central Plains for thirty years, and now you should be satisfied." Pang Shichong gave a sneer and said, "Don't make wishful thinking, old man. If you just do it, I'll kill you first!" He was secretly lucky enough to stop the outflow of blood from his legs. "Hey!" He said! Are you ugly heroes of the Central Plains? The old ghost smiled coldly and said, "Don't flatter yourself, old man. I'll send you on your way when Shuihan is alone." He stepped forward and suddenly hit him with a slap. Pang Shichong burst out laughing,endless pool swim spa, and his body flashed. He circled around the ghost Shuihan and said, "Look, how much have you gained in thirty years?" Pian refers to the past like a halberd. monalisa.com