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Now you should tell me your experience of these two days, right?"? Why did you go to the bed of the landlady? Don't lie to me. I know you're good now, but you're not good enough to play with me. 。

Only when I heard this did I understand that the initiation ceremony was divided into three steps, namely, worshipping heaven, asking questions, and being ordained. Feng Junzi coughed and put away his smile and said, "Ishino, listen carefully. I don't want to be your master, so you are not worshipping me.". If you want to join other schools in the future, then follow the rules of other schools. If you want to set up your own business, then you make your own rules. So there are no rules to restrict you. But you are a man of practice now, and I am the one who introduced you. I want to tell you about the three great precepts observed by all the practitioners in the world. The three major precepts of spiritual practitioners in the world? I seem to have heard of this. Mr. Zhang and Sister Han have mentioned it, but they are not very careful. It seems that it is true. "What are the three commandments?" I asked? Are there only three? "First, do not shock the world.". There is a boundary between inside and outside the world of mortals. I'm afraid few people have seen people doing things in the busy city since ancient times. Taoism is a secret art and cannot be shown to others easily. Do you know why? I answered honestly, "I don't know." Feng Junzi: "Actually, I don't know either, but according to others, it's because ordinary people are ignorant. If you show the Dharma easily,Ceramic Band Heater, it's easy to confuse people.". There used to be evil spirits who used magic to confuse the public and make a mess of it. Let's not talk about it. The second commandment of a man of practice is not to cast spells on ordinary people, that is to say, not to use magic against a mortal. Then I asked, "So if someone tries to kill you, you can't fight back?" Feng Junzi: I haven't finished yet. There is something particular about this. We will not attack unless we are attacked. If someone threatens your safety, you can certainly protect yourself. But you can't hurt innocent people,10g Ozone Generator, nor can you take the initiative to hurt people with Taoism, nor can you confuse people. "I know." Feng Junzi: "Don't be so anxious to say you know, this is the most important to you.". If you are an ordinary person, you don't have to worry that someone in the world will attack you, but now it's different. You are already a formal practitioner, which is more dangerous than ordinary people. If a superior person has a grudge against you, fighting with you is no longer a violation of the precepts. But now you are still shallow, I am afraid you are not the opponent of others, so you must be cautious, do not easily reveal your traces. This is what the ancients said, 'It's better not to be able to fight than to be able to drown.' Do you remember? "Remember!" I do remember this, because only two days ago I almost had a fight with someone, ceramic bobbin element ,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, and I was deeply aware of the danger. Fortunately, the other party did not see that I was a man of practice at that time. Feng Junzi looked at me and said, "Actually, you don't have to worry too much. Since you haven't worshipped any sect, no one will give you the seed of Tao. As long as you don't do it, no one can see that you are a man of practice." "What is Dao Zhong?" Feng Junzi scratched his head and said, "I don't know. Have you ever heard of the initiation ceremony of Tantrism?"? The Taoist species under the Taoist door are almost the same. It is not to get through the meridians, but to leave the experience of cultivating the Tao as the confirmation of the realm in your divine consciousness, so that you will experience every step of achievement. So you won't go the wrong way. Of course, if the master's way is wrong, it will be even more troublesome. Don't ask about things that have nothing to do with you. Let's talk about the third commandment. The third commandment is not to do evil with Taoism, not to seek money and kill with Taoism, not to interfere with the secular world with Taoism and not to seek selfish desires with Taoism.. "Feng Junzi, wait a minute. Why is the third one so complicated? It has become several." Feng Junzi smiled shyly and said, "I also think it's very complicated. It means two points. The first point is that you can't do bad things. The second point is that you can't use Taoism as a means to seek personal gain in the secular world.". This is more troublesome to explain, and you can understand it later. Feng Junzi finally finished explaining the three major precepts of this man of practice, namely, not to shock the world, not to do things to ordinary people, and not to make profits and harm people in the secular world. Feng Junzi finally said that the criteria for distinguishing between good and evil in the realm of cultivation are these three precepts. If someone takes the initiative to violate these three precepts, all practitioners in the world have the obligation to punish him. It turns out that there is a little basis for the description of decent and evil in martial arts novels. But I still don't understand. The Taoist Priest He Chen of Qiyun Temple should also be a man of practice. But he plotted to frame President Liu 20 years ago. It was a standard murder for money. Is that a violation of the precepts? Thinking of this, I asked Feng Junzi this question. Feng Junzi blinked his eyes for a long time and said to me, "I don't know whether it is against their rules or not, but the Taoist Priest He Chen did not violate the three commandments.". He only used gold to lure two despicable people to do things for him, and did not use any magic. In fact, these three commandments are just a cover, and there are too many loopholes, so each school has its own detailed rules. If you don't have the door rules, you will take advantage of it, and you will know that later. Wait, I almost forgot. I'm going to add one last one for you. "Add one?"? What "Passing on the Dharma without becoming a teacher is a taboo in the realm of cultivation, and I don't want others to know about it!"! So from now on, you can't tell others that your Dharma is passed on by me, nor can you tell others that I know the Dharma of the Four Gates and Twelve Towers. All right, I know. What if someone asks? Are you from Mars? I have to teach you to lie! Don't you just say that it's over if you dream about what the master taught you? That seems to be the truth! After nearly two hours of tossing and turning, the initiation ceremony of worshipping heaven, asking questions and being ordained was finally over. I didn't know at that time that this was probably the most sloppy initiation ceremony in the world. It takes three days and three nights before and after the initiation ceremony of the formal disciples of the Zhengyi School to which Qi Yunguan belongs! It seems that the wind gentleman is not very interested in this ceremony, just to deal with the rules handed down from ancient times. After Feng Junzi said that it was all over, he found a comfortable place to sit down and stared at me with a smile and asked,Ozone generator ceramic plate, "The ceremony is over. Now you should tell me your experience of these two days, right?"? Why did you go to the bed of the landlady? Don't lie to me. I know you're good now, but you're not good enough to play with me. 。 global-ceramics.com