My NHL Jersey Designs Hello fellow Buffalo Sabres fans

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My NHL Jersey Designs
Hello fellow Buffalo Sabres fans

  Dylan Cozens Pillow Cover. Some of you may know I spent more than a year very ill as I needed a liver transplant. (everything is good now thankfully) This nearly killed me and I spent a solid 6 months in and out of the hospital before and after the proceedure was done.Plus another 8 months being ill before I was even hospitalized plus recovery time after Brandon Davidson Face Mask.So I spent a lot of time in bed, in and out of the hospital. My laptop kept me sane. Besides watching videos and reading Die By The Blade every day I decided to get creative in my isolation and I redesigned all 31 NHL jerseys for every team Dylan Cozens T-Shirt. Plus 32 as I added Seattle. Some of these designs are similar to the original uniform of that team while others are vastly different Some have new logos, most stayed the same. But i added a smaller secondary logo for most of the designs. Some feature different striping patterns than we know and some have complete color changes or at least variations of those colors.Anyways, I finished them all a few weeks back and stored them in a folder. Only one person besides me has seen them. So since I put all that work into making them over the course of a very difficult year, I decided to share them here. They are nothing spectacular but a lot of time went into them. These were made pixel by pixel in Paint. Posting all 32 at once would really be difficult for viewing. So I will post 8 a day for the next 4 days until complete. I hope you all enjoy them. I will be posting alphabetically. Thanks!Editor's Note: Happy to publish the concepts here for Jedi13, glad he's getting better!