What are the criteria for selecting 1920*1080 pixels camera module

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What are the criteria for choosing a 1920*1080 pixels camera module? Nowadays, major hospitals attach great importance to the development of informatization, so they are very concerned about various informatization equipment including monitors, and will choose to buy reliable and reasonably priced good products. So as a valuable 1920*1080 pixels camera module, how should the hospital choose to meet the needs of daily medical work? Since monitors are different from ordinary monitors, not only should you choose a monitor with brand protection, but also It depends on whether the manufacturer's production capacity, shipments, craftsmanship and other aspects can meet the standards, in addition to whether the manufacturer has the knowledge, experience and ability level of medical display production.

What convenience can be provided by using the 1920*1080 pixels camera module?

Due to the application of electronic technology, when diagnosing and treating diseases, operators, assistants and other staff can perform various operations under the direct view of the 1920*1080 pixels camera module, so that operators in all aspects can cooperate tacitly. and safe. Therefore, the operation is flexible, convenient and easy to master. Due to the narrow diameter of the endoscope body, when the endoscope body is inserted into the body cavity, the discomfort of the patient is reduced to a minimum. Since the images are observed on the monitor screen, more people can observe and study together, conduct case discussions, and at the same time, it also provides good conditions for improving the level of diagnosis.

1920*1080 pixels camera module

1920*1080 pixels camera module due to the application of CCD, the number of pixels is greatly increased compared with fiber endoscope, the image is clearer and more vivid, and it has the function of magnification. Therefore, it has a high resolving power, and it can observe the microstructure of the gastric mucosa, that is to say, it can observe the smallest anatomical units of the gastric mucosa - the gastric area and the gastric groove. Therefore, minor lesions can be found, and the purpose of early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment can be achieved. In addition, due to the wide field of view of the electronic endoscope and the large bending angle of the front end of the endoscope, blind spots are avoided and missed diagnosis is avoided.

To improve the innovation ability and industrialization level of medical devices, domestic medical devices may welcome heavy support policies. Make the approval faster and break the barriers to the implementation of medical insurance for domestic medical devices. We call on the National Health and Family Planning Commission to also communicate with the medical insurance department. Nationally, the domestic large-scale medical equipment, the plan or inspection method that is really effective and reliable, should be preferentially included in the scope of medical insurance. It is necessary to improve the innovation ability and industrialization level of medical devices. Subsequently, the State Food and Drug Administration issued supporting measures to give priority to the approval of medical devices included in the national major scientific and technological projects or RD plans and medical devices urgently needed in clinical practice. In recent years, with the support of a number of policies, in some fields, domestic medical devices have reached the international advanced level. In some fields, domestic medical devices such as pneumoperitoneum have even reached the international level. It is hoped that the approval speed of the relevant departments will be faster, so that more patients can enjoy the happiness brought by the new technology faster and earlier. From a policy perspective, the domestic medical device industry is ushering in a rare policy-intensive promotion period, and the high-level medical device market has also entered a rapid development channel. However, core technologies and services are still the pain points of enterprise development. However, at present, some domestic medical device companies have been or are seeking to break through in subdivided fields, bringing market competitiveness through independent research and development, and also forcing importers to significantly reduce prices. Nanjing Leon Medical's continuous high investment in innovative research and development and persistence in product quality are also a strong foundation for domestic medical device companies to maintain their competitiveness. At present, these domestic enterprises are entering some big places in China. Compared with foreign equipment, the gap between domestic equipment in the past was mainly reflected in the penetration and sensitivity of blood flow, but at present, they have been able to meet the daily clinical application needs of physical examination and obstetrics in terms of stability and clarity.

Because the image is observed on the 1920*1080 pixels camera module, the patient himself can also directly participate in the observation, which plays a positive role in eliminating the patient's nervousness and improving the patient's interest and confidence in the examination. In addition, you can also use the TV information center to adjust red, blue, and green, and adjust different colors to observe different organizational structures, so as to achieve the best resolution of various organizational structures. At present, in addition to the observation of the smallest anatomical units of the gastric mucosa (stomach cells and gastric grooves), electronic endoscopy can also observe the villous changes of intestinal metaplasia of the mucosa, the regenerated epithelium around the ulcer, new blood vessels, and mucosa. Microscopic tissue structures such as blood vessels.

To see if the effect is good, because the output of the diagnostic image has very high requirements on the overall quality of the display, when purchasing a 1920*1080 pixels camera module, you should observe the sample through the sample to see if it can be used for three-dimensional images or other auxiliary diagnosis. Make full use of the functions of imaging equipment such as CT and MRI.

To see if the customer approves it, when purchasing a monitor, you can consult other hospitals that have used the brand's monitor to see if the other party is satisfied with the brand's products. Because the user's experience is a factor that reflects the performance and quality of the display.

What are the criteria for choosing a 1920*1080 pixels camera module? Through the above method, you can purchase a set of 1920*1080 pixels camera module, which can provide a good auxiliary role for the doctor's diagnosis. Because for imaging diagnosis, clear, distortion-free, and chromatic aberration-free image display can allow doctors to see every detail captured clearly, and avoid misunderstandings and omissions.

1920*1080 pixels camera module https://www.hengal-tech.com/p-1920-1080-pixels/25.html