A drama wife dressed as a gloomy boss.

In the ward, aunt's eyes were redder than Nanyan's.


In the ward, aunt's eyes were redder than Nanyan's. Chu Wenzhou was curious about what they had mentioned, but there was a voice in his heart to stop him again. Anyway, from the outside, Nanyan suffered from the marriage. Anyway, real parents don't want their children to marry him like this. Taking another deep breath, Chu Wenzhou calmed himself down. Aunt asked, probably the same as both men and women who met their parents. Asked about his work, asked about the composition of the family, and finally, not at ease, asked Chu Wenzhou's views on Nanyan. Unexpectedly, aunt's performance is very normal, and Yao Panxiang that obvious practice is different, Chu Wenzhou can see that the other side still has a grudge in the heart, but in the chat conversation, just look a little cold, will not be full of contempt. People rolling in the shopping mall, Chu Wenzhou should deal with appropriately, advance and retreat properly. Although a conversation is not enjoyable, at least there is no big embarrassment. Probably, Xi Yin still needs time to accept. Or.. She may not be able to accept it. But these are not within the scope of Chu Wenzhou's consideration, as long as the surface is passable, Chu Wenzhou does not want to know too much. South smoke said that for a while, they did not chat for long, Xi Yin cried obviously very tired, lukewarm asked, the harmony on the face to do in place,PET bottle Mold, then got up to see the guests off. Xiao Fang pushed Chu Wenzhou to the front, but Nan Yan was one step behind and said a few more words to his aunt. Xi Yin told two sentences, did not mention Chu Wenzhou, only let the south smoke pay attention to the body is. Nanyan looked, this marriage aunt is accepted, but probably no way, and do not want her to be embarrassed, so should be under, as to what the heart thinks, I am afraid it is not easy to say. But it's good to accept it. Waving goodbye to aunt, Nan Yan chased Chu Wenzhou away,liquid bottle filling machine, Xi Yin in the corridor watched Nan Yan's back disappear, for a long time, closed his eyes and sighed, both helpless and helpless. Today, with two games of Nanyan in a row, Nanyan did not face Chu Wenzhou with a straight face as it did in the first few days. Do not know if the heart thanks Chu Wenzhou, after returning home, although two people do not speak very much, but Chu Wenzhou can clearly feel that the attitude of Nanyan is much better, as long as he speaks, the other side will not be heard. Light or light, but light, not even ridicule, more like a woman's own attributes. Cold, icy, unworldly. I don't know if it's good or bad. This is clearly the state Chu Wenzhou wanted before marriage, but. I always feel uncomfortable. Two people are stubborn, Chu Wenzhou can not change, do not know whether to change, Beverage packing machine ,plastic bottle making machine, the relationship will go on like this. Two people back to the south home, the wedding process is completely finished. In the following week, Chu Wenzhou went to the company every day to prepare for the "honeymoon" and to arrange the company's affairs for more than a month. The first day Chu Wenzhou did not go home for dinner, the second day Nanyan was particularly winking, personally at home to the aunt's cooked meals, sent to Chu Wenzhou company, and he ate the dishes specially matched at home. Not only was Grandma happy, but Nanyan came and went for several days in a row, and it spread all over the company. Said Chu Shao's new wife can be beautiful, every day to work overtime Chu Shao to send meals, that is called a virtuous. And from the beginning of speechless, for four days in a row, Chu Wenzhou looked at Nanyan and saw nothing strange. On Friday, Nanyan carried the meal to Chu Wenzhou's office as usual. Today, my aunt stewed fresh matsutake soup, commonly known as chicken stewed mushroom. Nan Yan, dressed in a simple white dress, looked like a college student and reported the names of today's dishes without interruption. Well, wait a minute. I read this file. Chu Wenzhou sat in front of the computer with financial statements in his hands. When are we leaving? Rare, Nanyan asked. When Chu Wenzhou heard this, he raised his eyebrows and looked up at Nanyan. Although it was a question, the woman still lowered her head. Light face, good-looking is good-looking, but reveals the cold feeling in the bone. Looking at the eyes as clear as a deer, Chu Wenzhou said, "Are you going abroad?" "Yes." Chu Wenzhou was also busy for a week, and Nanyan felt that the time was almost up. You can pack up on the weekend, and then go back to Chu's house to see your family again. It's too late for Tuesday, and too late for Wednesday's plane. Thinking of something, Chu Wenzhou frowned unconsciously. South smoke is sensitive, see into the eye: "How?" It's all right, it's none of your business. ” Chu Wenzhou said so, Nanyan really no longer asked, lowered his eyebrows and eyes, safely placed bowls and chopsticks on the tea table, seems to be completely trusting Chu Wenzhou's words, or to say, the matter of Chu Wenzhou, is completely indifferent. Chu Wenzhou reached out and pinched his eyebrows. He is worried, before the wedding stabbed the eldest brother, and then no one came to the hospital to inquire, this time left, only a month out of the hospital. There will be people in the middle who will take this opportunity to inquire. Shaking his head and not thinking about it first, Chu Wenzhou focused his energy on the present. By the way, I've found someone to take care of your aunt. If she wants to live there permanently for medical treatment, I'll leave that person behind. "Well, is everyone's visa ready?" "Xiaomei has already dealt with it." Xiaomei is Chu Wenzhou's general assistant. Nanyan finally opened the matsutake soup, a rich and delicious white mist curled up, the soup was milky white, with a little bright oil, stimulating the sense of smell and taste. Nanyan placed the bowls and chopsticks one by one, sliding his throat and moving his index finger: "I know. Have you finished reading Chu Shao?" The woman sat upright with a pair of chopsticks in her hands, her eyes shining, and she did not know whether she had listened or not, and Chu Wenzhou saw that she was very hungry. Looked at the cold report again, Chu Wen Zhouchang export gas, helpless: "Then eat first." Facing Nanyan, he always has a deep sense of powerlessness during this period. Go to Chu's house again, this time people want to be together, Nanyan almost all saw. However, although the Chu family has many people, each other's hearts have their own ideas,water bottle packaging machine, the surface is warm or cold, but can not be done accurately. Chu Wenzhou told Old Master Chu and the old lady about the honeymoon, and there were different reactions on the table. gzxilinear.com