A peerless hero

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Smiling Maitreya turned and stopped in front of the boat and shouted to the pursuers

Smiling Maitreya turned and stopped in front of the boat and shouted to the pursuers, "If you don't know what's interesting, I'll tell you to crawl back.". I Smiling Maitreya Liu Wenhua seldom punishes people with a heavy hand. I'm not polite when the fire comes. A big fellow at the bow of the ship put his hands on his hips and shouted, "Who dares to be rude to the friends of Master Lin, who is floating on the water in Chongqing?"? In charge Stand up and answer me over the river, Zhou Changchun. Iron arm alone has fainted, did not chase, these big fellow people listened to two people reported the name, were startled, the tide. Retreat in a hurry. The name of the man, the shadow of the tree, the name of the two men, scared these second-rate heroes away. By the time Murong Yongshu returned, Jin Siniang's passenger ship was approaching the mouth of the Qutang Gorge, and the two sides were three miles apart. The boat was light and the water was fast and it was hard to catch up. Jin Siniang controlled the helmsman, Qiu Lei also subdued the water level on the ship, and the ship sailed like an arrow. Anger rushed down, beyond more than ten. A river boat, easily left the Kuifu dock. Relieved, Qiu Lei turned around and approached Jin Siniang, about eight feet away from the helmsman. They talked in a low voice. He asked Jin Siniang said, "Every time I suffer a loss, I will be good. I won't do anything stupid next time." "Reddy, do you mean." The next time I make my way in Jianghu,interactive kiosk price, I will bring a large number of men with me. I was too confident and pretentious to be invincible with my fists and swords. Enough to run amok. I don't want to meet Yuxuzi this time, which is stronger than looking for one. In addition, I know nothing about the ability in the water, so that To end up in such a mess. "Are you not familiar with friends on the water?" Jin Siniang asked. Not well, but I'll keep an eye out. "Then, you have to work hard on Junshan Xiushi. He is the best master on the water known at present. If you can recruit him, you can." No fear. It's just that he's one of the three evils, outstanding in land and water,digital whiteboard price, and famous before you, so it's not easy to start. But soon After that, you have practiced the Sanyang Divine Skill, and then you can run amuck all over the world. It will not be difficult to subdue the beautiful land of Junshan. Coercion and inducement are both necessary. Next, he will give in. I think I will work on it. Sister Jin, you have stayed in Chongqing for a long time. You have traveled all over the southern wilderness. Why don't you know water? Sex? Jin Sijie heaved a sigh of relief and said with a wry smile, "I've suffered a lot in order to learn how to swim. I was probably born." If you have nothing to do with water, you will never achieve anything. I have the determination to learn the ability of water, but determination alone is not enough, only water immersion. To the chest, there will be a feeling of dizziness and nausea for no reason. In order to learn water, I have forced more than 20 water masters to die. They can't teach me, so damn it. Qiu Lei shook his head and said with a smile, "Sister Jin, since you're afraid of water, why bother to learn?" "I must learn." Jin Siniang answered without hesitation. Why Jin Siniang seemed to realize that she had broken her promise. She quickly changed the subject and said, "We are approaching Baidi City. At the gate of the city is the mouth of Qutang Gorge." Be careful. You go ahead and watch the boatmen. Don't forget to watch for floating objects. Suddenly, digital signage screen ,smart interactive whiteboard, the shadow of the boat at the mouth of the Malianxi River on the left bank came into view, and more than thirty large and small fast boats filed down and rushed into the river with great momentum. Too bad, the two men's boat happened to be at the front of the array, and in a moment, the second clipper, with its oars flying, rushed past the left of the boat and overtook it. The more we got to the front, the second clipper came in a rush. These ships had no windows, and no one could be seen on the deck except the boatman, who was hiding in the cabin. All the boatmen, Fen is a big fellow with thick eyebrows and big eyes who is as strong as an ox and has extraordinary skills in sailing. When the third boat arrived and overtook it, a big fellow shouted to Jin Siniang's boat, "Listen to the man at the helm. Steady the boat and give way." Our fleet will go down the gorge first. The boatman moved the boat to the right and kept cursing in a low voice, "These guys are unreasonable. They seem to want to be driven to death. They are deceiving people." It's too bad. I'll see how long you can run amuck. Sooner or later, the corpse will be fed to the bastard. The river is getting narrower and narrower, and the water is turbulent. In front of the surging sound of water, has reached the turning point of the river, this section of the river facing east. Flow, turning slightly south in front. From a distance, I saw the White Emperor City surrounded by mountains on three sides and overlooking the river. At the turning of the river, Two strange peaks sandwiched the river, which is the first pass of Kuimen at the mouth of Qutang Gorge. The Qifeng bare land on the south bank is Chijia. The gorge gate locked by the two white salt mountains. Ziyang City on the north bank, Baidi City, Hanwang Temple under the city, and Yingwu Stone on the riverside are all arranged one by one. Listed at the moment. The river is turbulent, and at this time it is divided into two streams, one of which runs straight from the south bank to Kuimen, and the other is slightly calm and flows down. White Emperor City. Swirling in the middle of the river, the water is fierce, the boat is not only shaking, all the boatmen are mobilized. Unable to stabilize the boat in the middle of the river, the boat still sailed down, but the boats in the boat array rushed down like galloping horses. Five boats crossed and rushed to Yingwu Stone in the southwest corner of Baidi City. The old helmsman scratched the tail and dialed it urgently, and the ship was lowered to Yingwu Stone. Both Qiu Lei and Jin Siniang have passed through this waterway, and of course they know the waterway. But Jin Siniang was eager to get away and hurried to the rudder. "Take the Rapids to the right and descend to the mouth of the gorge," he said. Surprised, the old helmsman changed his color and said, "How can this be?"? No ship would dare.. "No matter!" Jin Siniang shouted flatly and said in a harsh voice, "It's a lot farther to go to Yingwu Stone. We must grab those fast." The ship entered the gorge before. The old helmsman was in a hurry and shouted, "No, the risk is too great. Any ship wants to take a shortcut to descend from the South Road." If it is not overturned by the whirlpool, it will crash into the reef in front of Kuimen. It is inevitable that the ship will be crushed to pieces, and people will not be able to stay in the water. Escape from danger. "Miss, you can't force people to die. Why do you want us poor boatmen to die with you?" Qiu Lei at the bow of the boat hastened to shout, "Sister Jin, don't make a mistake. The southern channel is extremely dangerous. It's true. Since ancient times, The ships that had been lowered from nowhere were able to descend safely to the mouth of the gorge. One side said that the boat had entered the backwater Tuo of Yingwu Stone, and all the boats had slowed down. There's a clipper in the front and a clipper in the back. It's a speedboat. The clipper approached Yingwu Stone, rushed under the stone, turned its bow again, and flew downstream to the mouth of the gorge. Dangerous, see the ship will be smashed under the stone,smart whiteboard price, but in the middle of a flash. The speedboat behind was faster than Jin Siniang's boat. It was already more than half a boat. It was rushing toward Yingwushi, and the big fellow at the helm was furious. Call: "Old Bastard, you still do not stabilize a boat?"? The master wants to go first. 。 hsdtouch.com