Sea of nebulae

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Seeing the north gate of the star city, Qin Bo was in tears,

Seeing the north gate of the star city, Qin Bo was in tears, and she finally returned to the civilized society. Along the way, they also passed through several large cities, but no matter how they looked, they were not as friendly as the Star City, where they felt at home unconsciously. Qin Bo quietly sent a text message with a hexagram: "I have entered the city gate." The hexagram replied, "I will be back in the evening." Hate! The excited heart suddenly cooled half. These four months have been enduring no contact with Fang Qingling, afraid that they have to rely on this journey can not be completed. He finally came back, wishing he could see him as soon as he entered the school gate, but he was not there. The dejected Miss Qin found that the city of stars was not as kind as it had just been. The archaeological team walked from the outer road to the West Gate. It was their Star Academy that surrounded the Crescent Lake at the foot of the West Mountain. After entering the gate of Bright Branch, a group of people went to return the horse first. The horse was rented by the logistics department of the school from the long-term cooperative horse farm. After checking the health of the horse, the staff of the riding group of the logistics department returned the contract for renting the horse to Luo Mi. Then the archaeological team went to the Academic Affairs Office to hand over their investigation project, and the specific score and report will come out in seven days. Out of the office building of the Academic Affairs Office, the archaeological team was officially disbanded. After saying goodbye to Shi Luolin, Qin Bo followed the remaining six people back to Holly Garden. She emptied the contents of her belt on the floor of the living room and stripped herself of her clothes. The odds and ends are returned to the study, and the stored dry food is thrown into a special food recycling bag. Take a quick shower,Small Dc Gear Motor, wash your hair, and put on a coat. Clean up the garbage and send the dirty clothes. Two hours later, Qin Bo finished his chores, flew out of the window, and went straight to the boundary of the back hill via the crescent lake. When she soaked in the hot spring next to the bamboo house again, her dull and depressed mood was finally completely relaxed. With a long sigh, he sank to the bottom. Home at last. When Fang Qingling rushed back to the capital of stars,Vending Machine Motor, it was just dark. There were warm magic lights everywhere in the bright branch, and it was still dark near the boundary of the back hill. Fang Qingling only considered for a second, decisively abandoned the dormitory building of Holly Garden, and went straight to the hot spring cabin. A bright magic lamp hung above the hot spring, indicating that someone was waiting for him to return tonight. The door of the hut was half closed, and the warm yellow light dimly drew a long mark on the ground in the doorway. Fang Qingling pushed open the door of the house, and the girl, who was fragrant after bathing, reclined lazily on the bed. Thick pillows were placed behind her, her long black hair flowed down, and her white legs curled casually on the dark blue sheets. Bright eyes stared straight at him. Wait a long time? Fang Qingling sat on the edge of the bed with a smile. Qin Bo put his hands around his waist, buried his head in his chest, brushless gear motor ,Small Geared Motors, inhaled deeply, and did not answer his question. Fang Qingling stroked Qin Bo's back: "Silly girl..." The following words could not be said, and they hugged each other tightly. Then there was a very natural kiss, which was different from the previous eagerness. This time, it was very gentle and lingering. The drizzle was silent and moist. Qin Bo gasped slightly and put his head on Fang Qingling's shoulder, depending on each other. Gently sniffing the breath that belonged to him, the breath that made her feel at ease. Do you know? I have a big discovery this time. Finally, the little sister of the Qin family, who was tired of it, began to talk about business. What discovery? There was a slight spoiling in the gentle question. Qin Bo proudly grabbed the jade slips on the bed: "What is this?"? Do you know him? Fang Qingling carefully observed the jade slips in his hands. Such a rough quality, spin wave can not be brought back for no reason, that is, what is inside. A wisp of divine consciousness carefully probed into the jade slips. Moments later he smiled. "You're lucky to find something like this." This is the jade slips of the immortals in ancient times, but it is a pity that the records are only some shops and so on. Not much value. Hey hey, Qin Bo smiled eerily and said, "Are you interested in being an archaeologist?" As he spoke, he took out a lot of jade slips from behind the quilt, "Maybe you can find a big secret!" "According to my analysis, someone must have sealed it there," she said in a vivid description of the ghost in the ruins. I don't know what the reason is. You may find clues in the seven small jade pillars and jade slips you brought back. You should come and study them. Qin Bo is very interested in the secrets of the ruins. Fang Qingling began to listen to Qin Bo's nagging with a faint smile, but the more he listened to it, the darker his face became. Aren't you going to archaeology? How could there be such a dangerous thing. If there was a person who was physically weak at that time, or a little medicine could not be supplied, would the spiral wave.. His heart contracted at the thought that the girl beside him would almost never come back. God damn it! Who told him that the project was very safe! No, he wants to check it. Qin Bo is speaking in high spirits, do not want Fang Qingling suddenly stretched out the evil hand, grabbed her skirt and unbuttoned. "What are you doing?" Qin Bo struggled to protect his robe. "Didn't you say you would wait until I built the foundation?" Where did she stimulate him? She was so beastly. Don't think about it. I'll examine you to see if there is any injury. Fang Qingling has a righteous face. I'm fine. Qin Bo pushed him away discontentedly. "It's been almost two months. What can I do?" "Physical examination, divine examination, your choice." Fang Qingling coldly said two options. Then check the divine consciousness. Qin Bo has the traditional shyness of Oriental women on earth. She can't do it now when she takes off her clothes to show her lover. Especially since her chest is not as flat as it was when she was a child. Fang Qingling did not think so much, a wisp of divine consciousness invaded Qin Bo's body, careful examination. In fact, for those who cultivate immortals, opening their bodies to let other people's divine consciousness invade is more serious than stripping off their clothes, and the internal circulation is more private and sensitive than nudity. Fang Qingling finished the inspection and found it later. The first time he saw Qin Bo, he had done such a rude act. At that time, those who did not know were not guilty. Now the situation is not like this, Qin Bo trembled all over, teeth clenched his lower lip, Fang Qingling's divinity brushed the spirit in her body,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, a tremor swept the whole body from inside to outside. She groaned unconsciously and fell limply into his arms. Damn it, if she comes here a few more times, will she still be alive.