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The players who are about to step on the land of hostile countries and may bump


The players who are about to step on the land of hostile countries and may bump into the orc tribe at any time are so nervous and exciting that they can't be described in words. Even the spirit of the basalt giant God has been dispirited as if swallowed a stimulant, instantly refreshed, and even took out a pike early, sharpening the posture of Huohuo. Seeing this, Lao Ye and I were immediately speechless to them. Lao Ye explained: "There's no need to be so nervous. In fact, the border cities of the orc tribes are similar to those outside the town of Green Field. The popularity is not high. In such a distant place, the chance of meeting players is less than one percent. So, please, don't be nervous." "Mmm!"! And our target this time is not the border city. Only then did I tell you the goal I had discussed with Lao Ye. Huh? If we don't move the border cities, can we still kill into the hinterland of the orc tribe? Squat down to speak and basalt giant God mouth, although so asked, eyes suddenly lit up: "Challenge, of course, the more exciting the better!"! And if the border city is really as Lao Ye said, then the players should not be very good, even if they kill, they can not explode much good equipment. Compared with the simplicity of these two people, the lonely old wolf,x52 line pipe, the meteorite and the white Valentine's Day think much farther: Let go of the border city players, directly into the deeper orc tribe near the city, although it will take more time to walk, but if you can successfully ambush a high-level player's Lian Ji point, the harvest will not be less! And Orc horde players ambush them near cities they are very familiar with, and the other side will only be suspicious that they are border cities,347 stainless steel, thus giving us a second and third time.. Sneak attack creates an opportunity. However, there is also a problem in doing so. "But if we meet a player from the Orc tribe on the way, won't we be exposed?" Xiao Ai revealed the fatal point of the plan: After all, we are the land of a hostile country, and we can easily bypass the enemy in the wilderness with our eagle eyes. Once we enter a more complex area, danger may arise at any time! Unfortunately, our team has no thief profession, so it is impossible to explore the way. Fortunately, I have also thought about this question with Lao Ye, and when I heard Xiao Ai talking about it, I immediately answered: "Now the border city of the orc tribe near us is called'Mota Town '. Lao Ye and I have collected the relevant information and training points of the cities near Mota Town.". And calculated the safe route, along the way should not encounter the orc tribe team, if it is a few people, Calacatta Quartz Slab ,x56 line pipe, the low level can not see through our information, they will run; high level, if they are willing to stay.. I don't mind either. Say that finish, everyone's face obviously "show" excited and knowing smile: high-level players, everyone's target this time, is not the high-level players of the orc tribe? However, there is no perfect plan in this world! Just as we were about to step into the border of the orc tribe, a large number of Warcraft appeared on the horizon again. Lao Ye quickly glanced at it and decided that the group of Warcraft in front of us was the third group of wolves we met along the way. But the strange thing is that this group of magic wolf ice is not in a state of cruising, although from far away there is a faint "chaotic" vibration, but there is no sign of movement of the magic wolves. According to Lao Ye's judgment. The wolves are not moving, there is only one possibility: The Demon Wolves are fighting with the player team! As soon as Lao Ye's words came out of his mouth, the twelve members of the team immediately "revealed" their dignified "color": fighting with such a terrible pack of evil wolves.. How many people are there in this team of players from the Orc Horde? How strong is the strength? When everyone decided to change course, the falcon, who had been watching the wolves, suddenly exclaimed: Someone ran out! Hurry up! Get back! When we stopped, a huge tornado suddenly appeared in the pack, and then two players ran out of the pack and ran straight towards us. "Damn it!" They cursed, hurriedly turned around: just to the border of the orc tribe to meet the people of the orc tribe, really unlucky … … The reaction speed of Xiaomei and Cola Kitten is fast: knowing that even if the magician runs, he is certainly not as fast as the people behind him, so he quickly adds light body skills and prayers to the magicians in the team to improve their mobility-in the absence of a team, the top prayer is the range of "sex" blessing. Not far away, there was a sudden thunderous howl behind him, two faint screams were heard, and soon the wolves turned around. Running far away, we turned around and the danger had been lifted. Resurrection point in Motta City The two Orc Horde players looked at each other and couldn't believe their eyes: How could a dozen red names appear in such a dangerous place? Chapter 280 intriguing, Scorpion Tiger Forest. Chapter 280 intriguing, Scorpion Tiger Forest. After the wolves roared away, we sped to the place where the two players died. Players are killed by Warcraft, and the explosion rate is also very high, with a 50% explosion rate. And from the magic of the tornado just released by the other side, it can be seen that the other side should be a group of third-order players. It's interesting that the team of third-order players entered the "chaotic" land less than 30 miles away from Mota Town, but we didn't intend to give up the pie falling from the sky. Third-order players are generally equipped with silver equipment, ranging from hundreds of gold coins to thousands of gold coins, if the team is large, this wealth is not small! Sure enough! When we arrived at the place where the Demon Wolves had stayed, I, the Falcon, and Lao Ye saw at a glance more than 30 pieces of equipment scattered sparsely for tens of meters, which were exposed to the air and reflected a faint silvery luster; Sure enough! It's all third-order silver equipment! The market price is about five hundred to two thousand gold coins! When the falcon,uns s32760 plate, crouching down to speak, and the basalt giant God were full of joy to collect the first wealth to enter the orc tribe, several people in the team frowned at the same time: The team encircled by the Demon Wolves. It should be a third-order team with strong strength! But why is there a'chaotic 'place more than 30 miles away from the Orcish border city of Mota? A buffer between the Knight Empire and the Orc Horde.