Dried apricots

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The benefits of nuts and dried fruits, if they are regularly included in our diet,help improve our health and prevent some disease....

Seedless Black Raisins, 1Kg

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PahadiHub's regular sun dried Black Raisins are huge in size with a sweet, fruity flavor and a delicate surface. Dark Raisins helps absorption, brings down acridity, and lifts resistance. Beside satisfying your sugar desires, these normally inferred sweetmeats are nutritious for your wellbeing.

avratri is a heavenly and immensely celebrated celebration in our country. To satisfy goddess Durga, Hindu aficionados quick for nine days. Individuals can't help thinking about what to eat during Navratri that can give them the sustenance and energy to continue to quick.

The following is a Navratri combination of 9 dried organic products you can consume during Navratri and get all the crucial solidarity to continue to quick easily.

Dry natural products are superfoods as even a modest quantity of dried organic products can convey significant parts of sustenance, energy, nutrients, and minerals.

Creation of Navratri Mix of 9 Dried Fruits

Almonds price




Rose berry

Green Raisins

Dark Raisins

Dried Apricots


This super combination of 9 dried natural products comes loaded with different medical advantages and keeps you vivacious all through the fasting period.


Plentiful in magnesium, vitamin E, and dietary filaments, almonds keep your bones solid. They additionally deal with your heart and insusceptible framework.


Figs are wealthy in cancer prevention agents, fiber, potassium, and calcium. They can work on bone thickness and circulatory strain, help in absorption and furthermore help in weight reduction.


Nutrient rich cranberries are additionally wealthy in cell reinforcements. They can forestall UTIs, support mental ability, keep up with heart wellbeing, help the safe framework, and loosen up muscle cramps.


They are exceptionally useful in advancing heart wellbeing as they contain vitamin K. Blueberries are likewise great for cerebrum capability and the insusceptible framework.


Wealthy in cancer prevention agents, Rose berries advance skin wellbeing, further develop blood dissemination, and reinforce your bones and muscles.

Green Raisins

They help in making red platelets, battle pallor and iron lack. Green raisins are a decent wellspring of iron, vitamin D, calcium, and Phosphorus.

Dark Raisins

Wealthy in normal cancer prevention agents and iron, dark raisins assist with decontaminating the blood, decline circulatory strain and balding, And additionally help in the guideline of weakness.

Dried Apricots

They help in cholesterol control and further develop assimilation. It contains vitamin A, potassium, and cell reinforcements and is low in calories.


High in vitamin B6, vitamin K, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, and so forth, it animates generally cardiovascular wellbeing, assists lower with blooding strain, and controls diabetes.

Medical advantages of a Mixture of 9 Dried Fruits

You can receive different rewards from consistently consuming these dried natural products:

Assists in Losing With weighting

Proteins and cancer prevention agent rich dried natural products are low in fats, sugar, and carbs. They can accelerate your weight reduction excursion and add more sustenance and energy to your eating routine.

Builds Your Bone Health

They are plentiful in vitamin D, proteins, and calcium, making your bones solid and sound. They additionally increment bone and muscle strength.

Invigorate Hemoglobin and Fight Anemia

Nutrients A, K, B, magnesium, iron, and copper-rich dried natural products assist with battling frailty and recover the body's red platelets.

Gives Protection Against Cancer

Dried organic products like cashews and almonds are shown to be preventive against bosom disease as they are rich in phytonutrients and cell reinforcements.

Helps Cardiovascular Health

Many dry natural products are known for their cell reinforcements and nutrient rich characteristics, which thus help in keeping a sound heart.

How To Eat Dried Fruits Mixture?

During Navratri, you can essentially eat this blend. Yet, for adding additional taste to your recipes, you can add them to plates of mixed greens, drinks, smoothies, and so on.

The Bottom Line

Navratri blend of 9 dried organic products is loaded with fundamental nutrients, minerals, and supplements; you really want to remain dynamic and solid. Purchase Navratri blend of 9 dried organic products online from Pahadi Hub; this Navratri combination adds wellbeing and solidarity to your fasting.  

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