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We sell pure Modafinil. Without fillers just pure substance. Modafinil is synthesized and manufactured in a Polish laboratory. The offered molecule is a UPS pharmaceutical-grade product! Top-level quality product wif a guarantee of satisfaction.


If you're one of those people who has trouble going to sleep and/or staying asleep, you might be interested in modafinil. This supplement is a prescription-only medication that's been approved by the FDA to help people with narcolepsy or sleep apnea, but it also works great as an occasional "upper" for those who need to stay alert.

So here are some facts about this miraculous wakefulness enhancer:

1) Modafinil can be taken every day. Unlike most "uppers" that cause you to crash, modafinil is a smart drug. It doesn't make you jittery or get nervous. Instead, it simply adds to the stimulation your brain is receiving on any given day. So if you take modafinil today and again tomorrow, your brain will simply be more stimulated than it was before; yet it won't suffer any of the detrimental effects caused by all those other products

2) Modafinil is not a stimulant. It is in fact a eugeroic (wakefulness promoter), which means that it promotes wakefulness in the brain by working on the hypothalamus. However, unlike other stimulants, Modafinil doesn't speed up your heart rate or cause any of those nasty side effects.

3) It works great for boosting brain power. Many students and professionals use it to help them study or work longer and harder than they normally would. It doesn't just boost your energy level, it also has been known to improve memory recall, concentration and brain speed. So not only will you be able to stay awake longer, you'll be able to think faster at the same time.

4) Modafinil is relatively new and many people are still experimenting with different doses. However, the general consensus is that 200-400mgs a day is the perfect amount for maximum results.

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