They lean towards younger players with one retired veteran

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We saw a similar mechanic last year in Madden 22 coins Most Feared with Scary Sharp, Scary Strong, and Scary Fast However, this year they didn't bother the same mechanics in Most Feared. Last year, the top four Zero Chill Masters were Derrick Henry, Charles Woodson, Bobby Wagner, and Christian McCaffrey.

They lean towards younger players with one retired veteran and we might expect them to use the same guiding force in choosing the Zero Chill Heroes for MUT 22. Other elements like Frozen Players, Snow Beasts, and Sets framed as Presents could all be set to see the return Madden 22 Zero Chi

Each month's Madden 22 Title Update is just around the corner and Version 2.04 is going to introduce a new flurry of updates to the game. We've got all the information we can regarding Madden 22 Title Update 2.04 and when it's expected to hit all platforms.

It's become relatively standard since the past few years to expect EA to push out each month a Madden 22 Title Update, and they've maintained at least the same frequency this year too. In the meantime, the Madden 22: December 22th Title Update now approaching and we've finally received confirmation of when it's expected to be released on the most recent Good Morning Madden.

The reveal was relatively light on details, but they did reveal that the December Title Update hits Madden 22 December 2nd, 2021. The file isn't out on cheap Mut 22 coins consoles yet, based on previous versions we're anticipating this to be Version 2.04 on PS4 Version on Xbox Series X|S, in addition to Version 1.010 for PS5.