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Roosevelt, Duke of Thunder, was late and said to Hua Yun, "I'll go in first." With that, he followed another group of people and entered the melting cave of heaven.


Roosevelt, Duke of Thunder, was late and said to Hua Yun, "I'll go in first." With that, he followed another group of people and entered the melting cave of heaven. I'll go in first, and you can come in later. Remember to keep in touch at any time. Hua Yun finished and took Ben Lei to the passage. The entrance to the cave is not completely specific, but random. Every person who enters the passage does not know where he will appear in the melting cave of the sky. At the time of entry, everyone was praying that they would not be sent to those dangerous areas. As soon as he entered the passage, Hua Yun felt a terrible pressure coming from all directions. Just when the pressure was close, a warm current came out of the melting hole crystal in Huayun's hand, which offset the pressure. Only then did Hua Yun understand the role of this melting hole crystal order. The oppressive force just now is formed independently by the space tunnel, and the stronger the strength, the greater the oppressive force. If there is no melting hole crystal order, it is impossible to pass through this space tunnel. This is why the peak of the spirit of the master can not come in the reason, melting hole crystal can only offset the pressure of the spirit of the master at most,14 needle valve, no matter how big it is. But the spirit God rank peak master, if wants to come in, the cost is also huge, is bigger than ten spirit God rank master enters the day to melt the hole the cost to be also on several times. To spend such a high price, it would be more cost-effective to send ten spiritual order masters directly in. Chapter 435 Golden Skull. The curtain of colored light flowed like water in front of his eyes, and Hua Yun's consciousness slowed down. This is the melting cave of heaven. Hua Yun looked at the melting cave in front of him with some amazement. The top of the sky is full of colorful turbulence,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, which collides from time to time. Sometimes like a lava flame, sometimes like a stream of water. In the sky, the broken fragments of the divine world drifted. The debris is like a mountain peak, floating under the turbulence at the top of the melting cave of the sky. A gust of wind blew and the yellow sand rose under his feet. The ground was covered with the remains of various weapons. There are even many naked and air-dried skeletons. The bones of these skeletons are golden yellow and have not been corroded by the passage of time. They still maintain their living posture. In the distance, a huge gully on the ground tore the earth in half. At the end of the gully, a man with a petrified body held a primitive sword high and made a chopping gesture. Perhaps the gully on the ground was blasted out by him. These are all human beings during the ancient war. Although these people have disappeared in the river of history, Hua Yun can still feel how tragic the war was at that time. In a hazy way, Hua Yun suddenly felt that he was in the battlefield of the ancient war. Kill. The Beamon beast waved his claws and tore the magic man in front of him to pieces. The magic man, whose body is not weaker than his own strength, is like a piece of paper being torn up easily under the claws of Beamon. In the sky, tube fitting manufacturer ,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, countless winged people poured over. On the surface of the water, all kinds of water Protoss rushed to the ground like a tide. Looking at this scene, Hua Yun immediately blood boiling up, the brain appeared immediately rushed up and these strong people of all nationalities to fight together with the impulse of the idea. All kinds of weapons are fighting together, which is a struggle of flesh and blood. Personal strength does not have much effect in front of the group. Unless the individual has the strength beyond these people. Just like in the sky, the powerful gods and the superpowers of all nationalities fought together. Space is constantly being torn apart and torn apart again. Black holes are constantly produced, and the power of terror has torn the space of the divine world into countless pieces. At this time, Hua Yun's eyes suddenly opened wide. Hua Yun, suspended in midair, saw it more thoroughly. The whole divine world was at a glance in his eyes. Hua Yun suddenly found that there was a strange and huge tree growing at the bottom of the divine world. And the whole divine world is supported by the crown of the main tree. In addition to the divine world, there are three other continents, which are supported by the crown of this tree. In the sky above the divine world, a strange fruit stretched out from the world tree and suspended above the sky. Could it be! Is this the world tree that Yunaya is talking about? Hua Yun was taken aback. Hua Yun did not expect that the world tree was actually under each continent. And every continent is supported by the world tree. No wonder it's called the world tree. It's really the tree that supports the whole world. Hua Yun just prepared to continue to observe the world tree, suddenly the line of sight a flash, recovered. At this moment, my heart suddenly jumped. Goo Goo. Ben Lei stood on Hua Yun's shoulder, beating anxiously. Hua Yun has been motionless, so that Ben Lei is extremely worried. But no matter how it pulled and pulled, Hua Yun seemed to be possessed and was not moved at all. Quack! Quack! At this time, the ground suddenly stirred up, and a small earth bag appeared. ***! A golden skull hand pierced the small earth bag and splashed the earth on the metal weapons around it, making a clanging sound. A golden skeleton slowly climbed up from the ground, their eyes, the faint blue fire of the soul constantly flashing. The skeletons come in all shapes and sizes, some human and some animal. Not long after, within ten meters around Huayun as the center, dozens of golden skeletons had already stood up. What's the matter? Hua Yun, who woke up, was startled to see dozens of golden skeletons around him. Dozens of skeletons are just ten meters around Huayun, and farther away, there are skeletons constantly emerging from the ground, the bodies of these skeletons are all golden. In the blink of an eye, the whole plain was covered with nearly a hundred thousand skeletons. Besides, skeletons keep appearing. Goo Goo. Ben Lei saw Hua Yun wake up and jumped happily on Hua Yun's shoulder. Quack! At this time, a skeleton only a foot away from Huayun slowly walked over,ball valve manufacturer, that shaking body, giving people a feeling of falling down at any time. As soon as he approached Hua Yun, the faint blue flame in the skeleton's eye socket suddenly swelled up. The knife in his hand cut at Huayun's neck with lightning speed. chinaroke.com