Strawberry kiss

As a result, when she reached halfway, Monkey Xu took out a bag of Zhou Hei Duck from his schoolbag, put on his gloves freely under Jiang Chuchu's eyes, and ate the duck's neck.


As a result, when she reached halfway, Monkey Xu took out a bag of Zhou Hei Duck from his schoolbag, put on his gloves freely under Jiang Chuchu's eyes, and ate the duck's neck. Seeing Jiang Chuchu stretch out his hand, Xu Monkey stepped back and hid Zhou Hei Ya in his arms. He smiled shyly and said, "Jiang, I only bought this duck neck for myself." His eyes fell on the glass beads on the ground again, and he reminded her with understanding: "Classmate Jiang, I think it's so late, you'd better pick these up quickly, so that we can both go home early, right?" Jiang Chuchu looked at the smiling and shy teenager in front of him, and suddenly there was a sense of powerlessness when his fist hit the cotton. She had to start picking up the glass beads on the ground. This night, for Jiang Chuchu, is destined to be an unforgettable night. After tonight, Jiang Chuchu finally learned the word "convergence". She never bothered Wen Xi again. - After the New Year's Eve party, the final exam is coming soon. After the final exam, the top three of the class and the top ten of the grade were still the same group of people,cosmetic tube packaging, and their seats did not move at all. Wen Xi got the second place in the class and the fourth place in the grade. His class commissary in charge of studies ranked fourth in the class and eleventh in the grade. The commissary in charge of studies took the report card, looked at the top three in the class as steady as an old dog, and lamented. It's over. I'll be scolded again when I go back. He is really strange, why Xu Muhan and Wen Xi these two people can test such a high score every time? Press him to death, and he will always be the fourth in a thousand years. Zhao Ning did well in the exam this time. He made great progress and got the eleventh place in the class. When she saw the report card, she had an unexpected expression and called Wen Xi: "Xixi, it's going to be winter vacation." After a pause, she added,tube lip gloss, "That winter vacation homework..." Wen Xi knew what she wanted to say and whispered, "I'll finish it in advance before the Chinese New Year." Wen Xi has an expression that you really understand me, but Xu Muhan suddenly came over and knocked on her desk. Zhao Ning looked up in a daze. Xu Muhan said with an expressionless face, "Do your homework by yourself." Zhao Ning: "?" Xu Muhan lowered his eyes and said, "The math teacher told me that if your grades are poor at the beginning of the next semester, I will have to tutor you for a semester." He pulled up his lips and smiled a little coldly. "Do you want me to make up lessons for you next semester?" Zhao Ning blurted out: "I don't want to." "Good." Xu Muhan said lightly, "then you can take a picture of your homework every day and send it to me." Zhao Ning hesitated and said, "This is not good, Xu. You know, my grades are poor and my homework accuracy is low." After a pause, she added, "But my deskmate has a high accuracy rate. You can copy her." Xu Muhan pursed his lips and said in a strange voice, "Who said I would copy your homework?" "Huh?" Zhao Ning was stupefied, plastic cosmetic tubes ,polyfoil tube, "then you call me to send you homework?" "I said." Xu Muhan took a breath, "I want to check if you do your homework every day." Zhao Ning: ".." Are you my father? Do you still check whether I do my homework every day? She wanted to say, but when she touched Xu Muhan's eyes, she shut up again. Forget it. Think of it as her love and put up with this lonely and eccentric troublemaker. - Winter vacation passed quickly, and soon it was New Year's Eve. Guo Yuling cooked a big table of dishes, Wen Xi ate a few mouthfuls, the door suddenly opened with a "bang", the cold wind outside came in in an instant, the air conditioning was turned on in the house, so Wen Xi did not wear much, he wore cotton pajamas at home, and at the moment he could not help shivering. Xu Yao walked into the door, he was still cold, Guo Yuling hurried over. Yao, where did you go? Why are you back so late? Don't you know it's New Year's Eve tonight? The whole family is waiting for you! Xu Yao swept a circle, his eyes stayed on the chopsticks picked up by Wen Xi, he pulled up the corner of his lips, cold way. No one is waiting for me. Isn't there one over there who eats first? Guo Yuling frowned: "Don't you see it's nine o'clock now? Xixi is your sister. What's wrong with not waiting for you to eat in advance?" As she spoke, she began to complain about Xu Yao again: "You, too. I told you to go home early tonight, but you have to stay outside until this time!" "I don't want to come back," said Xu Yao impatiently. ” Guo Yuling pulls his ear: "You do not want to come back, do you still want to live outside with your friends?" Xu Yao frowned, holding back his anger faintly, and did not speak. He sat down and looked at the food on the table. "Why do you eat this kind of food?" He asked discontentedly. What's wrong with this dish? It's all meat. Do you know that the price of pork has gone up a lot this year! Your uncle and I only have a little salary, so it's good to buy it! With a cold face, Xu Yao put the dish into his bowl and ate it. Wen Xi looked at this cousin, since the last incident, she has never said hello to him, at home is also avoided. Xu Yao did not know what he was doing outside these two months. He still had a scar on his face left by the last fight. It was close to the corner of his eye. It was a little long and narrow, which added a bit of darkness. Now he had a buzz cut, which made him look particularly wild. Wen Xi finished his meal in silence, then got up and went back to his room. When Guo Yuling saw that she didn't eat much, she shouted to her, "Xixi, why do you eat so little?"? Don't you eat? Wen Xi said softly, "I'm full. I'll go back to my room and do my homework first." "All right then." Guo Yuling said, "Xixi, won't you come out to watch the Spring Festival Gala later?" Wen Xi said, "Well, school is about to start. There is still a lot of homework left, so I won't look at it." She finished and went into the bedroom. Then turn on the phone. She finished her homework as early as ten days ago, and these days she began to brush all the exercises and papers. She has begun to teach herself the content of the first semester of senior high school in advance. When she logged on to QQ, Zhao Ning quickly sent her a king invitation. Zhao Ning: [Are the sisters coming to open the black?!!] Wen Xi: [Well,plastic laminated tube, come on] So two people happily formed a team, but in the team, something happened. It was Shen who saw Wen Xi on the line.