15+ qua tang sinh nhat sep nam

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Birthday is the time for men to show their sincerity to the girl they like. And the female friends take this opportunity to cultivate the close relationship of "sweetheart" through birthday gifts. Here are some gift suggestions just for you:

Meaningful gilded birthday gifts for male boss at Phuc Tuong Gold

Statue of Phuc Loc Tho gilded

Everyone in life wants and wishes to have fame, fortune, and a long and happy life. The statue of the three blessings of longevity represents this wish. Tam Da often arranges decorations attached to each other in the spirit of resonance and intimacy. Therefore, the statue will be a very meaningful golden male boss guardian gift.  

Model of feng shui gilded sailing boat 

Since ancient times, business by sea has been respected as an industry that brings abundant profits, bringing a prosperous and easy life. To this day, business continues to play an extremely important role, generating “huge” income for entrepreneurs. Therefore, among a series of feng shui items, the golden boat painting is a birthday gift for a male boss that is loved by many people. 

Aged gilded mascot statue

 In Eastern culture and in particular in our country, the image of the 12 zodiac animals plays a very important role. The mascot entered the culture very naturally and gradually became the lucky concept of the people. Along with that, each mascot will represent an age and represent the personality and fate of each person. If properly displayed gilded mascot statue, it will bring balance, eliminate disadvantages, offset to highlight success for the owner. 

boss gift

Unique and successful gold-plated painting 

 The successful unique painting is an image that is no longer strange to Vietnamese people. It is the image of 8 horses galloping proudly, full of energy. According to the concept of many people, a horse is an industrious and enthusiastic animal for its owner, but also strong and courageous. Horses accompany people in battles, so the image of horses galloping side by side is an unprecedented symbol of solidarity, unity, solidarity and will.

Feng shui gold plated quartet paintings 

Vietnamese people often use the number 4 with the implication of bringing good luck and fortune such as: four quarters, four spirits, etc. Among many types of trees, conifer, chrysanthemum, bamboo, apricot is chosen as the symbol of the four seasons, can showing the will and mettle of a man. Four-quarter paintings are a birthday gift for a male boss inlaid with gold, bringing luck and prosperity all year round to the owner. 

Impressive 24k gold plated lotus flower pot 

 It is no coincidence that the lotus is known as the national flower of Vietnam. Since ancient times, the lotus has played a very important role in culture and spirituality. The strong lotus rising in the mud, blooming in the sun represents the will and qualities of Vietnamese people.

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