15+ qua tang sep ve huu ma vang sang trong

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If you do not know how Phuc Tuong Gold will suggest you the most valuable gifts for retired male and female bosses through the information in the article below.

10+ retired boss gifts that touched him the most 

Gold-plated quartet paintings

This is a folk painting that is loved by many customers, especially the elderly. Therefore, this is a very meaningful gift for a retired boss. The picture symbolizes luck and prosperity, and also reminds people who enjoy the painting about the meaning of sacrifice and reincarnation. 

Picture frame

Not just a photo frame, you can also print a collective photo of your employees with your boss. This is definitely a very meaningful gift and makes your boss extremely touched. 

Orchid pot gilded

Orchid pots are a premium choice if you want to buy a gift for your boss to retire. The gift not only helps to enhance the space at the boss's house but also helps to stimulate fortune and luck. 

Cups, thermos bottles

Retired bosses often have more time to sip tea in the morning. Therefore, a mug or thermos is also a good idea for you when looking to buy a gift for your boss for retirement. 

Paintings of cranes and cranes

It can be said that the picture of the perennial pine crane is a very meaningful gift for a retired boss. Because the image of pine cranes represents a long and happy life. This gift will instead send your boss wishes of peace, health and happiness with relatives and friends when reaching retirement age. 

Gift Certificate

If you do not know what to buy as a gift for your boss to retire. Give your boss a gift certificate from a favorite coffee shop or health center, for example. Your boss will be very touched when he receives this exquisite gift from you. 

Gold plated lotus pot

Lotus flower has a gentle beauty, high bar. That is why this flower is loved by many people. Besides, the lotus flower is also a symbol of strong will. Gifts of gilded lotus pots are suitable for both male and female bosses, so you can completely choose as a gift for your boss to retire. 

Homemade food

Sometimes the gifts you make yourself will also make your boss very touched. Because in the boss's position, they have received too many gifts from luxurious to unique. So use your love and make a cake or a favorite dish of your boss for your boss on the occasion of retirement.  

Gold-plated Buddha statue

If your boss is a Buddhist, you can gift them a luxurious gilded Buddha statue. The Buddhas always direct people to the truth, goodness and beauty of life, so this gift will be to wish the boss a peaceful and relaxed life to enjoy his retirement after many hard days. 

Painting of lotus carp

The lotus carp is a symbol of fortune and an abundant life in the future. In addition, the image of swimming carp is also a symbol of a warm and happy family. The painting of lotus carp can both hang in the living room or reading room, so it is very popular as a gift for a retired boss. 

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