The item can be found it's located in Waypoint Ruins

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The item can be found it's located in Waypoint Ruins, found east-northeast of the 'The First Step' Site of Elden Ring Runes Grace which is located when one leaves the starting areaand is located southwest of Mistwood Ruins. There, players can find it on a dead body at the top of the ruins, located in a corner close to it. Giant Poison Bloom.

Fighting off the Flowers.Firstly players must defeat one of the flowers, the Giant Poison Flower and the smaller ones surrounding it. Both species have Area of Effect attacks which could poison the person, decreasing their health. The player can treat poison using a certain item and spell to help make the fight much easier. But poison attacks are clearly telegraphed in that the Flowers will slowly lean inwards before pushing forward so that the player has time to dodge and attack from behind.

"Elden Ring The app is designed at helping casual players keep track of quests.An application was designed to aid players in tracking quests, and much more in Elden Ring.The iOS app was created through an Elden Ring player who was keen to introduce a quest tracker to the immensely popular game. In an interview with VGC, Dachary Carey explained he "wanted to be able to enjoy this game so much" that he created the application.

If you're someone who writes documentation for to earn a living, Carey described the lack of a quest tracker in Elden Ring as a "big barrier to accessibility". It's particularly an issue that affects "more than casual players" even though it's well known that the lack of elden ring weapons for sale a quest tracker was deliberate in the design by FromSoftware.