Madden 06 kicked off the era where Brady

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Despite missing the playoffs the year before, Brady would kick off his 2003 season by cracking the 90+ club in Madden for the first time. This year's Madden game was dominated by cover star and fake cheat Code Michael Vick, but if you needed a reliable pocket passer Brady was the top option. In the real world, Brady would return to the Super Bowl that season and Mut 22 coins overcame a dramatic last quarter against the Carolina Panthers, whose Jake Delhomme was being eyed as the next Brady. But that was short-lived. In 2003, and despite winning two Lombardi medals at the time, still no one knew how high he'd raise the bar for himself in the future.

The team would enter a world class organization, Brady would kick off the defensive-minded Madden 2005 as one of the top players of the game and make the Patriots the most important team to be playing online games. Players were eager to try out the all-new Hit Stick on defenseless ball carriers. Brady was to beat the Donovan McNabb- and Andy Reid-led Eagles in the Super Bowl, clinching the Patriots' spot to become the next NFL legendary team.

This would also prove to be Brady's last Lombardi for a number of years, despite two stunning losses in the next few years. But even by then you'd be able to classify him as an Hall of Famer. As the late famous Chris Wesseling often said of Brady, you could carve his career into two--eventually three--portions If each of them represents a different athlete, each one would be in the Hall of Fame. Brady's consistent success is a story being written in the mid-aughts.

Madden 06 kicked off the era where Brady's Madden ratings would be a true reflection of his continued dominance in the league's passing statistics annually even if he was without winning a Super Bowl victory for a few years (poor guy). With 4,110 passing yards that year, Brady would lead the league in this statistic at the beginning in his professional career. It's a small number compared to the swarming modern NFL totals -- it would be listed as 11th when stacked against the totals of 2022. However, one of the reasons Brady's stature is his ability to change with cheapest madden 22 coins the times. It's unlikely to be his last opportunity to lead the field.