Rogue Star Rescue - Pixel game guide

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Rogue Star Rescue - Pixel game guide

Rogue Star Rescue is a unique new rogue-like shooter. Blast your way through various planets, rescuing teammates and collecting traps for your defence strategy. Play alone or with others to stop the Rogue Star before it destroys everything!

Game Overview

Initial release date: March 9, 2019

Developer: Chute Apps

Publisher: Chute Apps

Engine: Unity

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Nintendo Switch, Macintosh operating systems

Genres: Shooter game, Indie game, Role-playing game, Adventure, Strategy

Rogue Star Rescue is a roguelike bullet hell shooter that combines twin-stick shooting, tower defence gameplay, and pixel art.

You take on the role of a hero who blasts their way through various planets while rescuing teammates and laying traps for your defensive strategy.

The story is nonlinear, as in many roguelikes, allowing you to focus on mastering Rogue Star's many intricacies and outcomes by taking on challenges across the galaxy.

It's the kind of pixel game like Ultra pixel survive and you can play for 50 hours and still discover new things, especially if you take on the co-op campaign with 1-4 players.