Organic Fertilizers Have Several Characteristics.

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Different types of fertilizers can be used to fertilize land or gardens. This is also true in the case of organic fertilizer pellets. There's a lot to choose from, and did you know there are a lot of benefits to utilizing pellets? 

We've put up a look at the top 10 inherent advantages of using biodegradable fertilizer pellets.

Before you read the rest of the benefits, you should know that Komeco employs a cutting-edge composting approach in the manufacturing of organic fertilizers.

Animal excrement serves as the foundation for the goods, which we compost into organic fertilizer. The fertilizer is then squeezed into pellets, yielding a product that is 100 percent organic and organically decomposed. 

The composting process is responsible for some of the following advantages.

1. Nutritional values that are all the same.

The proper distribution of nutrients is ensured by mixing throughout the composting process. By composting, nutrients are preserved and nitrogen is lost to a minimum. It is simple to calculate the appropriate dosage due to the steady mineral composition.

2. It is completely free of weeds.

Weed seeds, germs, undesirable fungus, and bacteria are totally eliminated by heating the raw materials for a longer period of time (60° C). The ultimate result is a mineral-rich, clean product.

3. High water absorption functionality.

Composting produces a high-moisture-absorbing organic fertilizer pellet (up to three times its own weight). Moisture (rain) evaporates or is washed away fast in poor soil. Because our pellets hold water, they save water from being wasted. The organic matter level of the soil will be raised by employing the pellets. As a consequence, less water will be wasted, and so water usage will be reduced.

4. It has a long lifespan.

A pellet also has the benefit of being easy to store and for a longer length of time. In a highly aired and moisture-free environment, the pellets can be kept for up to 5 years in sealed packaging.

5. Long-acting.

Organic fertilizers release nutrients gradually, making them available to the crop while it is being cultivated. This guarantees that the impact is long-lasting and effective.

6. Organic fertilizers that are 100% natural.

Our organic fertilizers are made without the use of any additives and are made from a residual flow. Because our manufacturing method is built on a circular idea, our goods are all-natural.

7. There is no burning of the leaves or roots.

Ammonium is transformed into a more stable form of nitrogen during composting. Because the nitrogen is supplied gradually, there is no risk of leaf or root burn.

8. Composting produces a neutral odor.

The odor is neutralized by composting, resulting in an almost odorless pellet.

9. It may be used anywhere and at any time.

Organic fertilizers may be applied to any type of Soil preparation and at any time of the year (with the exception of frost in the ground).

10. Organic fertilizers are simple to use.

During the growth season, the pellets can be dispensed manually or mechanically with regular machinery. Mineral washout is reduced, and growth is improved.