These classic Diablo unique items will return in Diablo IV

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There really are a ton of classic Diablo products which are returning


Some of Diablo's best-known products are coming back in Diablo IV, and Blizzard also confirms that unique merchandise is returning because of the best rarity amongst players.

Diablo is really a franchise with deep-rooted traditions, and one of these decades-long rituals is finding new solutions to reinvent classic items. Blizzard says that Diablo IV will discover the triumphant return of many of the most iconic items which appeared in Diablo I and d4 items.

Diablo 4

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"There really are a ton of classic Diablo products which are returning. Shako is finding their way back, Windforce is returning, Grandfather...Magefist is finding its way back. You will spot some returning favorites," Diablo IV associate game director Joseph Piepiora said after a developer live stream.

Piepiora proceeds to confirm that unique will get back to d4 items just as one item rarity class. Uniques have been replaced by legendary products in Diablo III, but Diablo IV will feature both unique and legendary item classes. The Blizzard dev says that unique is going to be "much more efficient" than legendary items. Unique items can't have their very own abilities swapped around like legendaries and they are set in stone--like the previous Diablo II days.

"So you'll find legendary things that we brought up a little bit before which have really particular powers, and then you can find unique items which are much more robust than legendary merchandise is," Piepiora says.

"Legendary powers can present up on any slot. Unique items feature a prefix loadout of sorts of affixes that could appear on that thing, and what the special power is that's associated with the unique item naturally. And they're very hard to find and extremely rare. They're fun chase items and you may really build unique builds around some of such things.

"We've taken plenty of ideas on the market items from previous games, type of re-interpreted the crooks to try and ensure that they use Diablo IV when they retain that thematic essence in their mind. Yeah, we have a lot of extra items returning."