Why do elevators use gearless elevator traction machines?

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The normal operation of the elevator is inseparable from the elevator traction machine. With the development of science and technology, many elevators begin to use gearless elevator traction machines. Why? Today, Xizi Forvorda introduces the advantages of gearless elevator traction machine

What is a gearless elevator traction machine

 gearless elevator traction machine

Gearless traction machine is a kind of traction machine in which the drive wheel is directly connected to the motor. Since it does not use a gearbox, it is called a gearless machine. The gearless traction machine directly uses the motor to drive the car to run, eliminating the gear reduction box, making the traction machine more efficient, so the elevator using the gearless elevator traction machine has better running performance.


Advantages of gearless elevator traction machines

1. High efficiency and energy saving

Gearless elevator traction machine has no power loss when gear transmission, high mechanical efficiency, excellent dynamic performance of drive system, low bearing noise due to low-speed direct drive, no fan and gear transmission noise, noise can generally be reduced by 5~10 dB, Smooth and reliable operation.

2. Solid and reliable

The low temperature rise of the gearless elevator traction machine motor not only improves the reliability of elevator operation, but also guarantees the improved operation efficiency and service life of the elevator. However, the traditional geared transmission cannot achieve the advantages of the above gearless traction system due to its unavoidable geared mechanical transmission.

3. Safety

Compared with the geared elevator traction machine, the gearless elevator traction machine can ensure that the elevator achieves a higher leveling accuracy, and at the same time runs smoothly and quietly, which can ensure the safety and comfort of passengers, and can better serve the elderly and the disabled. Human service reflects excellent humanistic care.

4. Environmentally friendly

Because the gearless elevator traction machine has no gear box, it eliminates the potential danger of oil pollution and fire of the traditional geared traction system. In general, what troubles elevator users is the noise problem of traditional geared elevators. After applying a gearless elevator traction machine, because the stator and rotor of the traction machine run smoothly at low speed, the harmonic magnetic field is small, and the electromagnetic noise must be small. And there is no high mechanical noise caused by gear operation, so the gearless elevator traction machine reduces the noise pollution to the surrounding environment, making the living environment of the residents and the use environment of the elevator significantly improved.

5. No need for frequent maintenance

The gearless elevator traction machine does not need frequent maintenance. Because the driving device of the gearless elevator traction machine has only one moving part, the rotation speed is low and there is no wear, thus ensuring the long-term reliable operation of the elevator without refueling and maintenance, and can realize a small machine room. Or machine room-less configuration reduces construction costs and maintenance workload.


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