How Much Money Can You Make Teaching English in Korea?

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Do you have a real lust for travel? Do you have a craving to see the world? Have you thought about living abroad for some time so you can really immerse yourself in another culture?

Have you considered the idea of teaching English in Korea?


Well did you know that Korea, aside from being an incredible and underrated country in itself, is actually one of the highest paid countries to teach English?


I have been teaching English in 18moa Korea for well over a year now, and the basic starting salary for a first-time teacher is currently 2.2 million won a month, which is about $2100 or £1300.

Now this doesn't sound like a lot of money, but what you must also consider is that when you teach in Korea you will provided with a FREE furnished apartment right next to your school.

When you factor in how much of your income usually goes towards your rent or mortgage in your home country you can see that you will actually be able to save a lot of money teaching English in Korea!

The public transport system in Seoul is one of the most highly rated in the world, and living here you will see why. A two hour subway ride will cost you a little over a dollar! So there really is no need to own and pay to run a car over here, which is usually another huge life expense. Just think how much you are automatically saving by not paying out for rent and car payments!

BUT, not only that, the cost of living here is so much cheaper too! For example, I live in Seoul (one of the biggest cities in the world) and I eat out every night of the week, and pay around $3 for a delicious and filling Korean meal each time. Drinks are cheap, entertainment is cheap, shopping is relatively cheap too - so long as you aren't wasteful you can life a very high standard of life and still save a great deal of money as an English teacher in Korea.

Overall I saved over $8000 (£5000) in my first year of teaching in Korea without even trying, and this year I earn 2.4 million won and I hope to save around $11000 (£7000).

Not only will you have an amazing year, experiencing new things, doing a fun rewarding job, but it makes a great deal of financial sense too!