Secret Love (Nanxing College 5) by Yi Xue

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Chen-wu, yesterday was Xiaoyu's 18th birthday. You forgot, didn't you? Feng Tan Lin's uncomfortable hands and waist. Feng Sung-yun, who is standing to one side, says,tile trim manufacturers, "Poor Little Rain, she spent her 18th birthday alone, without the person sh

"Go to the bathroom!" Yin Zhenwu wants to enlighten the "stupid" creature in front of him. "Huh?" Strange, he doesn't want to go to the toilet! Why did Yin Zhenwu suddenly ask him to go to the toilet? "Can I help you?" Yin Zhenwu smiled and moved his hands restlessly into Feng Xingyu's skirt. Startled, Feng Xingyu jumped away from Yin Zhenwu's side, tightened her dress and stared at him angrily. I'll do it myself. Turn around! Really dangerous, did not expect to accept his feelings after the Yin Zhenwu was so terrible! He will turn into a big wolf and attack him every now and then. No! He Feng Xingyu can not be psychologically prepared, say what can not let the man in front of the easy success. Turn around? What's there to be ashamed of when you're all boys? Yin Zhenwu looked like he wouldn't get out of the way even if he was killed, which made Feng Xingyu a little angry. You turned around! I've never gone to the bathroom in front of a boy.. Even though I'm a boy, to be honest. He has only been in the girls' toilet, and has never stepped into the so-called boys' toilet. "Oh!"! All right, if you don't look, don't look. Yin Zhenwu obediently turned his back to him. "When you get up, look down and see if that thing looks like a certain part of your body." As soon as she said this, Feng Hsing-yu noticed what Yin Chen-wu meant by "that thing.". Suddenly, the screams ran through Yin Zhenwu's ears,stainless steel edging strip, and then his back was hit and hugged by something. Without looking back, he wondered with his knees who was the owner who was holding him and screaming. 'Hello! Did you wash your hands? Yin Zhenwu wanted to take away the hand that had been holding him, turned around, but saw Feng Xingyu holding him tightly with tears streaming down his face. 'Hello! Isn't that an exaggeration? So you were scared to cry? Come on, that's your own stuff! What is there to be afraid of? "Woo.." It's so dirty! How. How could anyone give me that? Is that true? It still moves, and it feels soft. It couldn't have been cut from someone else,stainless steel tile trim, could it? Feng Xingyu was already a little close to hysteria. He clutched Yin Zhenwu's clothes and asked doubtfully. Tears kept flowing. This medicine may be a little too fierce for Fengxing Rain. With remorse, Yin Zhenwu patted the weeping figure in his arms and gently whispered in his ear, "Don't worry!"! It is false, and no one will be so bad as to give you the real one. A little funny, really thanks to Feng Xingyu can associate that fake thing into a real one, who will give the real one to others? Fake? Then why did you give me a fake? "Or do you want the real thing?" Yin Zhenwu teased him and lovingly pushed aside his sweat-soaked hair. I.. I don't want the real thing. Ew! It's disgusting to think about it. How could someone make a fake part of it and give it away? What a psycho! "Don't like it, right?" Yin Chen-wu holds his face in his hands, kisses his lips like a dragonfly touching water, and looks at him tenderly. "Next time, don't take things from uncles and uncles you don't know. Do you hear me?". "Um.." Very embarrassed to lower his head, aluminium tile trim profiles ,stainless steel tile edge trim, Feng Xingyu slightly twisted willow eyebrows. Unexpectedly, after eighteen years of life, he was often admonished like this. "Xiao Yu, look up at me." Yin Zhenwu raised his face and gently kissed his lips. "Don't think about anything else. Look at me." Feng Xingyu obediently looked up at Yin Zhenwu and saw himself in his eyes. "I'll give you what you want, so there's no need to ask for it.." Gently, with the voice, Yin Zhenwu put the words of love and pity into Feng Xingyu's lips, licked his shy softness, touched the sensitive roots of his shellfish teeth, and forced him to make the sweet voice that had always fascinated him. Just like the exchange ceremony before signing the contract, Yin Zhenwu swallowed the murmur and groan of Feng Xingyu and sent out his own love and pity. *** Early in the morning, Yin Zhenwu had just arrived at school for a few hours, and was immediately informed to go home. Standing in front of the door of the apartment, I saw a lot of people coming in and out, looking jubilant. When I saw him, I immediately shook hands with him to congratulate him. Weird! Yin Zhenwu suddenly had an impulse in his heart and didn't want to step into the house. 'Ah! The bridegroom is back, in-laws, the bridegroom is back! Mother gave an exaggerated shout at the sight of him. Her words made Yin Zhenwu frown and look around. Mom! Who's the groom? Is anyone getting married today? Weird! Why do people come to his house when they get married? Which guy dares to turn the tables? Yin Zhenwu's question made Yin's mother smile, and an ambiguous look made people feel uncomfortable. What are you talking about? Today is your wedding day! "Married?"? With whom Yin Zhenwu had a bad feeling in his heart. How could his mother laugh like a thief? As Yin Zhenwu had expected, his mother uttered the name that made people laugh. "You!"! Just your wedding ceremony with Xiaoyu! 'Hello! Why is the groom still in a daze at the door? Why don't you come in and change? How long do you want the bride to wait? Feng Weilong shouted with a smile in the living room, forcing Yin Zhenwu to look inside and see that in addition to the designers and makeup artists who were busy going in and out, there was also a familiar figure wearing a bride's dress. "Xiao Wu!"! What do you think of my bridal dress? Isn't it nice? My brothers gave it to me! Feng Xingyu stood up happily, pulled up her skirt and ran to Yin Zhenwu, accidentally tripping over the long wedding dress. "Be careful!" Yin Zhenwu hugged the body that rushed straight to him, so that Feng Xingyu could avoid falling down. Perhaps this is a very common and vulgar scene, but it is enough to make the crowd whistle and cheer. A little can not stand this kind of scene, Yin Zhenwu righting Feng Xing after the rain patted his sleeve, then turned around. "Just pretend I'm not back. Goodbye!" 'Ah! Little E.. Feng Hsing-yu grabbed Yin Chen-wu, who wanted to leave, and looked at him with the pitiful look of a tearful shark. "We agreed to get married when we grew up." Yes! Chen-wu, yesterday was Xiaoyu's 18th birthday. You forgot, didn't you? Feng Tan Lin's uncomfortable hands and waist. Feng Sung-yun, who is standing to one side, says,tile trim manufacturers, "Poor Little Rain, she spent her 18th birthday alone, without the person she likes by her side. It's so pitiful!". 。